Discounts and offers for food from FoodonTips

Foodontips is an app for finding discounts and offers in restaurants. Currently available in Bangalore and will be opening in Hyderabad soon. The app has exclusive offers from restaurants that aren’t available in other apps.Whether it’s a family weekly dinner night or business lunch, Users just have to fire up Foodontips on a mobile or laptop, select a restaurant with a good offer, confirm the booking and arrive. It is really quite simple. No need to pay a penny before the meal. Nothing changes in whole experience, and users save money without any conscious effort. Users don’t have to worry about payment, they only need to enjoy the meal.

As for restaurateurs, they improve their revenue with our easy to use features of timed   discount, coupon generation. They can pamper their favorite patrons with customized discounts. They can use it completely in the confines of the browser, or emails without the need for another app. Foodontips is available on google play and Apple store.

What made us to think?

So there we were, sitting in a diner we frequently dined at. We used to call the owner “uncle”.The bill came and it looked less that what was usually billed. We asked uncle the reason. He replied, “You are my favorite customers!!!” It felt good, not only the way uncle had thought of us as his “favorite” customers but also his “gift”. It was then we thought, how can we make foodies and restaurateurs connect, reward each other. We reminisced how good it feels,getting something in return for what you enjoy, and a rare thing nowadays in a world where nothing is free. This is the exact moment we conjured up FoodonTips.

Problem addressed by FoodonTips

Bangalore alone has around 8000 restaurants and other metros add up to 40000 restaurants.Indians are really lucky when it comes to availability of tasty food but sadly unlucky in terms of costs. Dining out takes a toll on the wallet. Restaurateurs are also not worthy of blame, they have to charge premium to balance out off-peak hours. Foodontips aims to solve both the problems and makes it a win-win for everyone.

So now you can fill your stomach without emptying your wallet.Comment down your suggestion on FoodonTips to help them grow in their niche. for music lovers and creators

So music lovers and creators now you have one more option to upload your creativity and listen to fresh music giving an opportunity for music creators to upload your music to reach music lovers in an efficient way it is a platform where creators and likers meet so it is the best way to promote your song.

All music that plays on is exclusively created for doo-doo and you cannot listen anywhere else even in video giant. Creators own their rights which enable them to earn a royalty every time we listen.

Doopaadoo for music lovers
What is the gain for uploaders?

They help you to collaborate to create your own music and helps you to earn from your own creativity so you can turn from hobby to full time .Since they help you to monetize your music you can carry on your passion without looking for the second opportunity for money sake.

They also get a review for your music from industry stalwarts to benchmark and build confidence in newcomers and aspirants.

What is the gain for listeners?

Do you believe they pay for you if you listen to songs? Yes, they are paying you in coins Create your account and listen to any songs completely and check your e-wallet you get coins in that.

Doopaadoo pays for listening, preview, collaborate, create, share, review, like, follow so if you spend your free time you get a chance to earn.

Confusing  doopaadoo

Since it is a beta version it needs to improve a lot we created our account and test the doopaadoo but many things we don’t understand

1.How to upload my song?

2.What can I do with coins?

3.Is the reward coins in rupees?

4.Though given options for language ,getting Tamil as the default option couldn’t change it.

5.Lacks many more detailed procedures for creators in terms of monetization.

Overall Doopaadoo is a good platform for who wants to earn from their passion it will address the monetary issues facing by the small and middle-class musician.

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How to become a successful sales person?

At the end of the day if your products are not selling then they have to close their company, it applies for all the three sectors even the primary sector need to sell its outcomes at right time and for right price or else it will be perished it applies to secondary and tertiary sector also .So the individual or the team who sells the product are the heart of the company and standing as a company’s face to the customer if the product is not good then the sales person has to take the critics from the customers if it is good then he will carry the appreciation. Right feedback from the sales team helps the business to address their customer needs and to figure out the potential opportunity in the market which could help the business development team to devise a strategy.

Getting a sales jobs is easier than any other domain but to become the successful salesman you need to know the tricks, after experiencing sales profile in MNC I am writing down my observations and how he can improve him.

Many companies started realizing the fact the sales profile is much important than any other so they need to recruit a well-groomed people from big institutions or people with good experience in the market. The pay is also good for sales than operations.

But there is also opportunity for others in the arena like insurance companies, credit card sales, Rmx and so on where they need not to have high qualifications .Companies recruit these people for low basic pay and make them to work on incentive basis so these people work hard to sell more cards or concrete.

Whatever the product is there are something a sales person should know to become successful.

  1. Since he is representing the company he needs to dress well need not a branded one but a neat one with polished shoes since he is representing the company by seeing him the customer will get good impression on the company in this regard we can appreciate medical representatives they maintain very good outfit though the tie is not needed.                                                                                                                                                                                           How to become successfull sales person
  2. He should have a very good communication skill I mean need not to be fluent in English he should able to communicate his intention in his own language either it is Hindi or Telugu he should able to make customer to understand what he is trying to say.

3.Should have the complete knowledge on his product right from top to bottom it is the duty of the company to train his salesperson to have a complete knowledge about the product than any other department he should be in position to answer all the customer queries.

  1. Should not give any fake promises to customers, because most of the companies act on incentive basis to sell the product salesmen are giving some fake details like how MTS salesman gave me almost 90% incorrect details about the scheme and sold the product (MTS dongle) at the time activation I came to know the original scheme which made me a frustrated customer on MTS ,motivated me to mention their brand here. Explain only what your company is doing.How to become successfull sales person
  2. Respect your customer time ,he got lot of works to do but meeting your client is the only job for you so be five minutes earlier then the fixed appointment time. Don’t be late even if he delays be patient.
  3. Most of the time if the product fails or not delivered at the right time customer will only call and scold you. You are not supposed to react but respond you and your company know it is quality function mistake but your customer won’t understand that because you got the money from him.
  4. Coordinate with your customer till the product or service reach him completely.
  5. If it is B2B business try to maintain a long term relationship with the customer follow relationship marketing strategies.
  6. Since you are a salesman you have to handle lot of pressures from your company to achieve the target and from your customer for faulty service you have to handle both of them equally to overcome this issues practise yoga and meditation it will give complete control and I did it.
  7. Maintain a sales kit separately which holds your visiting card, customer cards, a personal notebook and what you needed. Write down everything in a personal notebook regarding the appointment.

These are the ten points I felt important you can also some more interesting points in comment section down below.

Why Tamil people are not speaking Hindi?

Why you guys are not speaking Hindi? My dear north Indian friend asked me when we were in one month induction program in Mumbai people from other part of the states are fluent in Hindi and made friends quickly myself and another one from Chennai couldn’t make it but they keep on questioning me why Chennai people are not speaking Hindi? I simply say we love Tamil but I always keep questioning myself why we are not .It is not harm to learn a new language and it is also helpful but why we are refusing.

Tamilnadu has seen two major agitations against Hindi movement in 1937 when Rajaji made Hindi as a compulsory subjects in school and in 1965 when Hindi is again announced as sole official language. There was a huge change in political structure after anti-Hindi movement which gave DMK(Dravidar Munnetra Kazhagam) to capture the state by election and congress lost the election because of bringing Hindi as a sole official language .Tamil people liked to continue English as an official language but north Indians brought Hindi as a sole official language. It took 72 lives from Tamilnadu to bring back English as the official language in India.

If I explain this to my friend he won’t understand and say what’s wrong in learning new languages.

The very first thing is Tamil is the classical language and it can stand on its own leg without lending words from other languages. There were Tamil patriots like Periyar and Anna in that period which made them to fight against the Hindi movement to safeguard their mother language we say it as love it’s not only two people the entire Tamilnadu fought against it.

The second one may be fear, you know what happened when  banks introduced computers instead of notebooks ,bank labours were into strikes against this move because they feared they may lose the job because they don’t know how to operate system and they might be replaced by the guy with computer background.

So this applies here also if the government is making anything compulsory then their next move will be Hindi everywhere if you know Hindi you get government job or else you won’t so by doing this people from Tamilnadu may be refrained from jobs .

Second fear is ,fear of language if everyone started speaking in Hindi Tamil will exit from Tamilnadu , Yes surely this will happen you can realize it is happening today after learning English people started speaking in English even to the rickshaw people and to tea shops .We should analyse the psychology behind this, a guy is speaking English in public because people looking at him will imagine he is educated but if he speaks Tamil they will be clueless so choosing the minor language helps him to prove the people he knows something better than others so when two guys meet they start speaking in English in the same way if he starts speaking Hindi  he may stop speaking Tamil.

And the third thing is, it is unwanted for Tamil people in Tamilnadu we learn German if we are going for Germany for higher studies and learning Japanese if we are going for japan for higher studies so we are learning new languages when we have a need. Tamilnadu is rich in everything it has the more number of automobiles manufactures and IT parks in India got good colleges like IIT, Anna University, PSG, Madras University, Loyola and few. I still remember when my HR told me “you should be ashame of not knowing Hindi” I just smiled back at him because I know he knows how better Tamil is. Some people from Tamilnadu are working and living in North India but they can manage with their English.

And the important thing why Tamil people need not to put more focus on Hindi is ,It is easy for anyone mostly for Tamil speaking people to learn Hindi .I went to Mumbai without knowing the “ABC” of Hindi but after spending five months I started speaking in Hindi it’s not tough as you think. Tamil got more words and have unique word for each actions but you know very well in Hindi we use the same word for two or more actions and the grammar is also simple .A Tamil guy can speak Hindi as a native speaker but a non Tamilian cannot speak Tamil as a native Tamilian it will take lot of practice.

The above said is not to humiliate any language and praise Tamil but written in an attempt to show Tamil people can speak Hindi when they need it.

Recently I attended a meeting in my office all of them are native Tamil speakers and only one guy who was helming the meeting from Bangalore when he started speaking in Hindi everyone started responding in Hindi it was a great shock I thought none of them knew Hindi and I know little bit but to my surprise they are so fluent in Hindi then I learnt Tamil people know when to use which weapon.

How to increase matches in Tinder?

If you are looking for this topic then 90% you should be a single looking for some cool handsome boys or looking for some cute girls. The sad part is you may be using tinder for more than a year but still now couldn’t get any perfect matches but there are people getting new matches on every new day, how?

Before diving into how to get more matches in Tinder it is important to know how tinder works. Actually it entirely works as per your discovery settings in your app. You can set the ages and distance you want to find the match, more the distance and age more the opportunities are.

Do they get notified when you swipe right?

Actually its “No” they won’t get any notifications when you swipe right on any girl or boy rather tinder works like this

You swipe right, she swipes left. Nobodies getting a notification.

You swipe left, she swipes right. Nobodies getting a notification.

Both swipe left, Nobodies getting a notification.

Both swipe right, both get a notification.

So this how it works when both of you swipe right both you get notifications. But remember one thing those who swiped you right comes first in the queue.

So now let’s dive into how to keep our profile high to get more matches .

1.Fill out your about section

This is the most widely did mistake among boys we do have good pictures but when it comes to about section they don’t have valuable content over there. Remember one thing the girl who likes your picture will move to your about section to know little more about you so it is important to maintain your about section.

Write about yourself honestly in about section be romantic but don’t be too sexy that may have negative shadow on you .Make it humorous rather than being simple and perfect go through some of the profiles in internet and have a juice of how to write a about section for your profile but remember one thing you are not writing for interview you are speaking to the most beautiful girl in the world and the one who read is the match  you are dying so be careful in it try to be 100% honest in writing about you because you may regret later.

2.Perfect your profile picture

The number of matches you get on Tinder is going to be a direct result of your first profile photo.

Yes make sure you have an impressive photo as a first photo or dp in tinder .

Don’t have selfie as a dp it doesn’t have positive effect as per the research try to take a photo with high quality may  be with DSLR ,if your friend is owning one urge him to take a perfect click of you.

Don’t have group photos try to stand unique ,if you have group photo as a dp it may rise a thought that you are not confident enough to stand alone remember one thing girls like confident guys though you don’t have gym muscles, it is important to be confident all avoid group photos .

Avoid photos with a girl or boy both creates a negative impact if it Is with girl she may think that’s your girlfriend and obviously she swipes left ,for example 95% of the guys wont swipe right if a girl is with a guy obviously it makes the sense that they may be committed to each other.

Have an outdoor picture, as per research it is proven that outdoor picture works well in most of the cases. Try to take a pic with DSLR and don’t try to see the camera as per the study conducted by okcupid- one of the largest online dating sites states that “women like men who looks away from the camera without smile”.

Women likes the people who looks somewhat arrogant in the picture and the one facing away from the camera so try to have a picture like this

how to increase matches in Tinder
how to increase matches in Tinder

don’t face the camera turn slightly away from the camera show your one side face but don’t show your back side which not at all  works.

Try to have four pictures in your profile so you can impress her when she swipes in. In the second photo try to show your physique if you have some good gym body otherwise have a photos like when you are playing with your friends, be real in this photo play a game you like and then take a photo not indoor game lol.

Have another photo like you are ready for the night to go out for a dinner dressed well looking fresh and with face full of smile so that you are trying to give a look if she asks you for dinner tonight you are ready for that.

Have one more picture with the accolades you received you might have got some medals ,cups or appreciation certification in stages or from big shots try to post that so that may bring interest towards you.

Have a photo this is optional, to show off your wealth to her but don’t be obvious in the photo try to click with your luxury car or in front of your luxurious house but don’t be in front of your friends be honest it may leads to problem in relationship once she comes to know.

3.Widen your distance.

Don’t limit yourself to walkable distance even if it is 10 miles away and you could take bus or your own vehicle to meet her then widen your distance to increase the possibility of your matches the more the distance you cover more the opportunities are.

4.Grow in age .

 Its fully based on your intention in tinder so you know your intention better than us but growing the age limit to 50 also fetch you some good opportunities to get matches. But don’t restrict your searches between 18 and 20 have a wide search have a wide scope.

5.Be consistent

 Keep on swiping the photos in your free time the more you involve the more the opportunity of getting more matches as per study, swipe 90% of profiles to right and remaining to left if you really don’t like it. Be consistent in using the app don’t use the app continuously for one week fed-up uninstall it and after one month you start using it, don’t have this habit be consistent.

6.Like more pages on Facebook.

 Like the trending or popular pages in Facebook so that your matches can see the possible connectivity with you .Like the trending movies, music, shows, books etc., in which you are interested in .To increase the scope like the most liked pages in Facebook so that she might also have liked the same page and it show the common interest to her in tinder.

7.Be Real

Don’t create a fake profile in Facebook for using tinder to stay away from family but you won’t spend more time in your dummy profile rather than your original so the content value of your dummy profile is less than your original profile. You will  end up getting less matches .Use your original profile always to be on safe side.

8.Use superlike wisely

 Now it’s not only swipe right and swipe left now you can super like someone ,before she gets notification only when both of you swipe right but now if you super like someone she will get notification in message form in blue colour dot above then she can see who super liked her if she like you she can continue with you or as usual she ignores you.

Apply all these steps in your tinder profile if you don’t get any matches get a suggestions from your friends on your profile pic preferably with girls but don’t tell them for tinder may be for WhatsApp or some other platforms so that profile pic may work.

Even if you don’t get any matches try  try  try and at last don’t worry use your hands J