KVPY: How will it Benefit the Research Enthusiasts

The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana ( KVPY ) exam acts like talent scout for the most talented researchers in the field of Basic Sciences and is a promising scholarship opportunity for the same. This exam is to secure admissions and reserve seats in prominent educational institutions. The main aim of Kishore Vaigynaik Protsahan Yojana exam is to inspire and encourage students to excel in research fields in Basic Sciences and avail monthly scholarships and yearly grants for the same.

Access to premier laboratories, world class libraries of top universities and National laboratories are other added benefits. So, if you are aspiring for a research-oriented career in Basic Sciences or even Medicine or Engineering, then apply for KVPY.


Initiated in 1999, Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is a National Program of Fellowship in Basic Sciences and funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) also holds share in administering this exam.

This scholarship exam selects and promotes extremely talented budding research students in field of Basic Sciences. Being a national level exam, students from all over India apply for it. All those who pass KVPY gain scholarships and contingency funds or grants up to Pre-PH.D level, depending upon their academic qualifications.

Students studying in Class 11 and 12, or any first year graduation course in Basic Sciences such as B.Sc., B.S., B.Stat., B.Math., Int. M.Sc. and M.S. with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects and having an aptitude for scientific research can apply.

A student has 3 exam streams or levels to choose from to write the exam. They are Stream SA, SX and SB. This choice is exercised by students based on their academic qualification at the time of applying for the exam.

The next step is writing the Aptitude test, which determines the analytical aptitude of a student. It is a 3 hours duration test, in the multiple choice format and conducted in both Hindi and English medium for 100 marks.
The selection process to KVPY fellowship is looked into by the Indian Institute of Sciences, where they scrutinize applications of eligible students and conducts the Aptitude test on a given date across various centers in India. Shortlisted students are then called in for the interview round, based on their performance in the Aptitude test. These two steps are followed by the preparation of an all India merit rank list. The rank lists are separate for Class 11, 12 and 1st year graduation students.

Scholarship amounts are awarded to students based on this merit list which combines both aptitude test and interview marks.

The students receive scholarship amount of INR 5000 per month from first year to third year students (B.Sc. /B.S. / B. Stat. / B. Math. / Integrated M.Sc. /M.S.). There is also an annual contingency grant of INR 20,000 in these three years. After the third year,  the scholarship amount is increased to INR 7000 per month and INR 28,000 for annual contingency grant for the subsequent years of study ( 4th year of M. Sc. or 5th year of Integrated M.Sc. /M.S./M. Math. /M. Stat.).

Qualifying KVPY is important for the most passionate researchers in the field of Basic Sciences.  The major reasons to apply and try out this opportunity are five-fold, mainly:

Gaining the Edge

Firstly, gaining a KVPY scholarship gives any student a serious and tough competitive edge over others in the same field. It gives away a clear sign of research aptitude by any qualified KVPY student and they stand out easily. It also opens the door to technology related researches in Science domains.

Faster Routes to Admissions and Jobs

Being a qualified KVPY student also doubles the chances of direct admissions into top premier educational institutes such as IISc Bangalore and various IISERs in India. Students can opt for the Bachelor of Science or Integrated Master of Science programs.

IISER Pune reserves 25% seats for KVPY qualified students. Students gain extra credit points for their KVPY ranks for B.Tech admissions at IIIT Delhi. And at IIIT Hyderabad, passing KVPY is apparently the eligibility criteria for selection into B.Tech. and M.S. programs.

With regard to job and study opportunities abroad, being KVPY qualified only makes it easier.  Research scholars are in great demand in foreign countries as this tag lends extra credibility to their individual findings and the work carried out by them in respective research areas.

Research Experiences

The research experience for a student under KVPY scholarship is often diverse and unique. They get to work and study with scientists, thereby increasing their knowledge in specific project areas. This experience can be a confidence booster for most students who work in their own independent research projects, which is a necessary requisite to succeed in scientific and related research areas.

Taste Fame and Recognition

KVPY qualified students also receive fame and recognition. In the education sector, such fame is worth for further collaborations and learning opportunities, especially in the field of Basic Sciences or Engineering. These fields are by default, some of the most powerful, scientific and technological research fields.
Special Research Camps

Lastly, KVPY qualified scholars also benefit by being invited to participate in special summer camps. The camps are often an elite meeting of the best talented geniuses such as researchers and scientists of diverse research expertise. Many of these camps are held in famous research institutes and that raises the bar for KVPY scholars.

Notifications regarding KVPY 2018 is expected to be out by July 2018. The exam is scheduled to be held in will November 2018. Consider the potential gains, start the preparations early and give it exam your best shot.

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Essentials You Need to Know Before Your Next Car Service

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Servicing your car can be an expensive endeavour and the last thing you want is a stacking bill during your next visit to the mechanic. A regular check-up of your car is necessary to ensure that it is safe to drive and is performing as efficiently as possible.

Like Frank Martin from “The Transporter” fame says, “The way a man treats his car is how he treats himself.”  But living up to this quote can be a problem for some people who don’t know much about their car or the type of maintenance required for it.

There, however, are some points you can ensure to mitigate potential high costs of repairs which will be talked about in this post. Let’s look at some of these points:

1.Consider regular servicing:
Leaving your car without servicing can be a potentially harmful in the long run. When you are struggling with your finances or just short of money, then it seems tempting to just skip the servicing until some other date. While this may seem okay now but you risk bigger bills in the future on your car.

The cost of a normal car service is far less than having to replace car parts later whilst you are on your way to something. Did you know, simply replacing your car radiator can set you back by almost €430 or a cylinder head gasket which can cost like €530? That’s like an awful lot of money for replacing simple parts right? If you don’t use your car very often or don’t drive long distances then an annual check-up will more than suffice but if you are clocking your miles quickly then it’s better to get your car serviced on regular intervals.

Consider servicing your car every 6 months or every 5500 miles. Looking for a destination for your next road trip or searching international destinations, then be sure to look for Holiday deals @ Kwik Fit.

2.Learn basic maintenance tips:
Learning some simple fixes and maintenance tips will always come handy and at best, will help you save a significant amount of money. This will also prevent you from doing any major or costly fixtures down the line.

You don’t really need to be a genius of some kind to keep your car in a decent shape. If you are going for basic maintenance, youtube videos are more than handy at these times to help you out. Learn some basic fixes like oil levels, tire pressures, checking and changing air filters etc.

These things don’t take up too much of your time and can be done by anyone with a little knowledge. Also be on the lookout for your tires and check them every couple of weeks.

If they have been dangerously worn out or have a tread depth of less than 1.6mm then get them changed as soon as possible. Keeping your tires this way can get you a fine of up to €1500 and three penalty points for every tire that you keep below the required standard. Not to forget, going out with a worn out tire will further levy extra replacement costs.

3.Do some research:
Doing some pre-emptive research does you no harm. Many people make the same mistake of sticking to their old service center for eons. Just because your friends have used this service center or your parents for that matter have used them doesn’t make the place competent or trustworthy.

If you feel dissatisfied with your current service center, then go the extra mile and research for yourself. Check out reviews of the place to ensure that you get a fair value for your money and a high standard of servicing for your car. The average rate for franchised today is somewhere around €90 pounds whereas, for local independent garages, this rate stands at around €63 pounds.

Considering both points, it is better to stick with your car’s franchise as these are the people who will have a better understanding of the problems of your car and how to effectively solve them.

4.Pay special attention to your dashboard messages:
Nowadays, most cars come with standard dashboards which give out warning messages on a wide range of topics ranging from engine oil and coolant levels, tire pressure levels, issues with braking systems etc.

Your owner’s manual also can dole out a wide variety of information regarding your car and what each of this dashboard could mean and what is it that you need to do to ensure a smooth functioning of your car.

Pay special heed to such warnings and messages as these could help you save potential costs and hefty repairs.

So there we have the 4 need to know essentials that you should pay heed to before your next car service. Happy and safe driving.

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5 quick tips for online shopping to follow before you shop today

In the 21st century, online shopping presents many advantages over high street or in-store browsing. Consumers can flick through a wide selection of products very quickly and can often find great deals which may not be available in stores because there is so much in stock. Add on flexible payment options, rapid delivery times and no delivery charges, as offered by most shopping websites in India, and purchasing on the internet becomes a haven for beating the crowds and stress of shopping.

Add on flexible payment options, rapid delivery times and no delivery charges, as offered by most shopping websites in India, and purchasing on the internet becomes a haven for beating the crowds and stress of shopping.

Let’s say you are shopping online for a new smartphone. There are a couple of steps you can take to ensure you are getting a great deal and the best offer in just a few clicks.

  1. Check a couple of websites to ensure that you are getting the best price. Comparing prices in a few different shops can help you spend less on a given product.
  1. Sign up for email notifications or alerts for the products you are interested in. When the price drops below a certain level. This lets you set the maximum price you wish to pay for an article, and saves you having to check back, so you get the best deal for no stress!
  1. Research a few different models. If you are not too concerned with having the most stylish and up to date Android phone, a slightly older model or one in a different color may save you thousands of bucks.
  1. Be on the look out for seasonal offers. Not just Diwali and Black Friday, but also other festival deals such as New Year, where shops can have amazing offers on electronics as well as other tech items and white goods.
  1. Don’t forget about smaller, more local online shops! Sometimes the best discount or offer is not available in a large, online superstore. Some smaller websites may even specialize in a given category and provide better post-purchase customer service.

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WordPress Under Construction Page plugin

Before getting into the core of the subject you should know why this article is important for bloggers or web developers like you.

Apart from blogging on socialtalky.com I am also running an online ticket booking portal where I list out workshops or classes happening in and around the city and it is a localised business.

Whenever I do maintenance if I turn down the website on server and my viewers will be shown the below image.

under construction page plugin

By seeing this some people will lose trust and some may come back but don’t register since it is online money transaction business people need the guarantee for the money they pay.

If I keep on showing “This website is not available” then no will turn up.

Then I was searching for a WordPress solution for this problem on Google and landed up on the free WordPress Plugin “Under Construction Page”, developer’s friend.

Showing error codes not only turn off your viewers but also upsets SEO. Google waiting outside the door will penalize your site for showing error codes to its users which is suicidal.

To avoid all these possible threats, it is wise to display under construction page on your website. So users and Google will understand that you exist but some repairing works are going there and will come back.

It is wise isn’t? continue reading…

Follow these simple steps to install and configure Under Construction Page plugin.

1.Download and install Under construction Page plugin on your website.

2.Configure it by simply hitting settings -> Under Construction

Now you can configure your page.

under construction page plugin

Status: If you enable it then your website will show the selected template by you. Here you can select exceptional cases like 1. Administrator 2.Editor 3.Author 4.Constributor 5.Subscriber based on your selection plugin will hide the website to others.

You can also automatically set the date when the construction will be completed. on reaching the date your website will be open to all.

The best part is you can track how many people visited your under construction page by entering Google Analytical-id.

By knowing the number of users visiting your site you can decide whether to accelerate your work or decelerate.

Not only for setting the deadline but also can add new features or you may get an idea then by analyzing the demography of the visitors.

To get your Google Analytical id of your site.

Go to Google analytics and click your website name you will find an alphanumeric number starting with UA- under Properties and Apps.

under construction page plugin
Google Analytics Tracking Id

By entering the id you can now track the records.

Under construction Page provides you more attractive free templates to be displayed on your page select the desired one to proceed further.

As I mentioned this plugin is highly customizable like you can add Title, Description, Headline and content so rather than showing a simple animated page you can speak to your visitors why they are landed up there.

One of the best features about Under Construction Page plugin is, it is social and I completely love it.

When your website is under maintenance why don’t you take your audience to your social pages like Facebook, Pinterest, twitter or youtube?

This will reduce the bounce rate and help you not to lose your business. You are given more options including mobile number and email address.

Once everything is done just save the changes below.

This is how my website seen when it was under construction.

under construction page plugin
My website is under construction come back later

Developers know how many lines of codes they need to create a page like this but by simply installing WordPress Under Construction Page plugin you can do this in few clicks.

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Make Money By Playing Online Rummy

You can make money by playing online rummy .This is nothing new; in fact, many people in India are making extra money on the side with the help of their Indian rummy playing skills.

Everything we own or do in our lives is somehow related to the amount of money we have. When you have a good amount in your bank account, most of the things come easy.

Otherwise we just scramble to make ends meet. In the recent past the online culture has become extremely prevalent; a quick swipe on your smartphone and you enter the virtual or parallel world of technology.

What is great is that technology is also closely related to gaming and there is a way that allows you to make money legally. If you want to know more, just scroll down a little and grab the deal.

Caution: You May end up Making a lot of Money

Playing Online Rummy is a Treasure Chest

First things first, playing online rummy for real money has nothing to do with gambling and even the Apex court of India has stamped it as a game of skill. Playing online Rummy is legal in all states of India except Assam and Odisha.

It is different from other card games like Teen Patti or Flash which are games of chance and are therefore illegal. Primarily the common variants of rummy available on the web are points, pool and deals.

Each website has its own way of allocating points with slight modifications, but the basic rules of the game remain the same.

Almost all websites provide requisite education to players in the form of tutorial videos and informative blogs. These articles and videos explain rummy tips and tricks, and rules for free or practice play. This is an easy way to get acquainted with the game.

Players need to deposit a minimum amount for playing Rummy online. This amount attracts a handsome welcome bonus that boosts your playing money to an insane value. Hence you get more money to play and explore the game.

There’s a whole stream of bonuses and promotions available for players at good sites. To add more cash to their account, players can take the full advantage of multiple bonuses like Top Up and festival promotions. Utilizing these gives you an advantage.

Once you are ready and feel like it’s time to hammer the nail, then you can join the table and start the battle with your fellow players.

It is a game of hardcore skills; where the fundamentals of mathematics and card manipulations have a decent role to play.

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How the Game can improve your Bank Roll

After all, the real money game is all about winnings that flow into your bank account. There are multiple tables available for players to join. Each table can occupy from 2 to 6 players.

Thousands of players are taking home a lot of money by implementing their card skills by just spending an hour or two of their free time. Since it is a multiplayer game, you play against other real players and not against a computer.

The game is very similar to rummy you may have played with friends or family at home. Be smart and invest some time on this game. This is an easy game to master and you can learn and play in a matter of just a day or two. The best part is that you can change a relatively bad set of cards into a winning declare with your skills.

You can begin by playing on low stake tables and as you begin to get good at it, you can keep increasing your stakes. To play for real money there is multiple ways you can deposit and withdraw.

Net banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wire Transfer, Paytm*, PayUmoney, Airtel Money, Rupay Card etc. all facilitate payments.  All are secure and fast with very quick service.

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RummyPassion.com is a great destination available for you to test your skills. It gives you the option to win a lot of money. Registration is simple and free.

You can sign up and start playing immediately. RummyPassion.com offers friendly and professional customer service and can be contacted via phone, email and live chat.

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