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It’s not only Youtube channels but some free online courses are out there  right from engineering to psychology from leading universities including Yale,Duke,Oxford,MIT, and IIT .

If you have passion and time then you need not worry about money here I am submitting 15+ free online courses to improve your knowledge and some platforms are also providing free certificates and advanced premium courses for free.

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15 + free online courses

Free online courses


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free online courses


Big data & analytics is a top technology trend which involves the process of collecting, managing and analyzing huge sets of data  With leading Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay handling Big data in their operations. Simplilearn provides a range of Big Data certification and analytics training which will provide an in-depth overview of Big data, its effective management and analysis using various tools.


free online courses

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5 business ideas less than 5000 to quit your job in 5 years

There is a business man inside every office goers we always dream of living our own life with no difference between weekdays and weekends .To be a boss of our own life we have to be the boss. Some business doesn’t need a fat cheque to start your own business.Here I am listing down five business ideas less than 5000

Business ideas less than 5000

5.Become a consultant

Becoming a consultant of your own field doesn’t need a fat cheque.

You can be an engineering solution provider or can be a general career advisor. This business needs huge knowledge in the respective field two to three people with subdomain knowledge can team up to start a consultancy service.

Initially, you can function from your own house and spend some money on printing a business card and some advertisement to your targeted customers.

But you need to do a lot of ground works to build and drive huge income as being a consultant.

Tip: You can provide a free service to two to three clients to prove your knowledge if it is successful it will lead to word of mouth marketing so you can drive more clients in future.

4.Become an affiliate

Don’t restrict yourself to the online site but also explore your local markets yes you can affiliate with local business and sell their products or service on a commission basis.

For example, you can affiliate with tourism industries to drive sales to them on a commission basis.All you need is a website and some ground works.

Restrict yourself geographically, don’t try to cover wider areas slowly step by step increase your coverage.

If you are choosing civil industries you can affiliate with cement traders, steel, concrete, blue metals, sand etc., Don’t affiliate with only one trader cover all the traders in your niche in a targeted location so you can increase your income.
Once you have built the contacts you can do business through the phone from your home.

3.Sell your skills

You can sell your skills it’s different from the consultation. In consulting, you are solving some one’s problem but in teaching, you are helping others to solve their own needs.

Simple courses like spoken English or language courses, painting or software courses. Use online tools like,, to create courses in mathematics, science, physics or any other interesting niche to accelerate your income.

2.Do digital marketing

Most startups and few websites cannot afford to employ a dedicated professional to maintain their social pages.

Acquire knowledge on digital marketing from YouTube or some professional blog and then approach startups to with credits you earned. Try Google free Adwords certification program.

Associating with five to six startups could fetch you more income all you need is an internet connection and your laptop.

1.Become an advertiser

You can become an advertiser for emerging businesses and events all you need is valuable contacts than money.

Startups need to advertise their products at low costs like printing out pamphlets, placing a banner on websites, banners, dailies advertisement, etc.,

Associating with printing industries and advertisers you can do successful marketing. Slowly expanding your area you can start your own marketing solutions or advertising agency.

Bonus idea


You might have read about blogging on many blogs but still, I would like to append it here. This is one of the best business ideas less than 5000 you can start and make it lucrative in less than 5 years.

Cost involved:

1.Domain purchase 2. Hosting 3. Promotions

At the beginning, you get traffic only through promotions on social medias spending some money to gain initial followers would be a wise move.

Ways to Monetize your blog

1.Sponsored content 2. Google AdSense 3. Affiliate Marketing 4. Banner displays 5. Subscription fee (after making it popular)

I am making some serious money in publishing sponsored article than any other ways. Blogging is lucrative when you believe in your idea and being patient.

business ideas less than 5000

You cannot make immediate money from blogging but for sure in future.

If you know any other high ROI business ideas less than 5000 please comment down I will add it in future.

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How to do self promotion?

How to do self promotion? It’s not only your product or business needs promotion but also you need to promote your name, personality, character in the market to boost your opportunity to get the job or to drive more sales to your business. Have you ever noticed two salesmen selling the same product but from different companies pitching the product to you but you are going with one person though the price, quality, service everything is same because while pitching that one salesman attracted you more than the another one? He created an impact on you and your brain forcing you to take this decision. Promoting your name in the market is also equally important as promoting your product.

Another example: Your competitor is more famous than you in the market everyone knows him right from suppliers to customers, so he drives more sales than you and also purchases materials at reduced rates than you do. But you couldn’t do that because you are not popular in your loop.

It’s not only in business if you are an author it helps you to sell more books if you are looking for a job it helps you to overhaul others in the interview and increase your job opportunities. So here I am jotting down how to do self promotion.

5 effective tips on how to do self promotion

1.Publish Articles

I am insisting this point in many of my posts because I realized and experiencing publishing post in LinkedIn is the best way to be noticed by others. I am writing more on sales and marketing, career guidance and blogging. Everyday number of followers are slowly increasing and at least once in a week people approaches me to market their business or mobile apps. Not only this, people started viewing my profile in a private mode which is a positive sign that you are growing. That unknown may be a recruiter, may be my competitor, may be a celebrity but that doesn’t matter, it’s all about whether you are creating impact or not by your words.

You can write any number of posts related to your subject but don’t copy and paste anything .You read and put down your observations or easy way of performing a task .There should be something in it for your readers.

So writing posts in LinkedIn or writing a blog is the best way to promote yourself among professionals.

2.Start a page

If you a have any extra skills like photography, drawing or singing create a page for you in your name, not with any random verb. This helps people to recognize you as a brand.

If you have something really good for your fans then they do the rest to make you popular but initially, you need to promote your page.

Even in your business if you have a deep knowledge in any one of the fields you can publish post and increase followers. By doing this you may also become an independent consultant.

How I got four jobs in Six months A  guide to refine your job search based on real story buy at Rs.49/- only
3.Be active online and offline

Be active in your forum and social Medias enroll yourself in NGOs or in clubs to create a network. Make your circle know that you are doing this kind of business so if they need any assistance they will definitely call you.

Not only offline but also increase your online presence if any popular page is making a post on your niche spend some time to read if you agree with the said then appreciate them else comment down your query or suggestion this makes people know that you have some knowledge in this arena.

How to do self promotion
Be active online and offline


You can also become popular by continuously engaging with celebrities post in twitter or with influencers in Linkedin.

Creating a YouTube video or podcast for your business by mentioning your name or showing your face in the record also helps you.

4.Get domain name

You can write about your business or about your skills in your own domain name. For example, Mr.Bhoon can write about his experience or his training sessions in his website this can make his name popular.

More than facebook page if you are maintaining your own website for you then really you can create an impact on your customers.

5.Give public speech

NO its not press release, but give free speeches in public domains like colleges, schools or in your forums. By seeing you they should remember your brand and by seeing your brand they should remember you.

If you are an author or businessman you are eligible to deliver speeches in public domains and people are ready to listen to you only if you had done something.

If you feel there some other effective ways to do self promotion please comment down your suggestions we will add it up.

Image courtesy :digitaltrends

How to make money in two years?

How to make money in two years? Do you think it is tough to make money in two years? Does it depend on isn’t? It depends on the money you want to make .Are you planning to make one lakh a year? It is simple you can work in a company to make this money .But if you are planning to become a millionaire in two years do you think it is possible? It is possible there are few effective ways to become a millionaire in two ways .Here I am jotting down how to make money in two years, your dream money.

how to make money
Save it on Pinterest

But to make money in two years you need to sacrifice a lot you need to sacrifice your time, may be some amount of money, you need to sacrifice your sleep, sacrifice your time with your family and with your friends. You have to sacrifice two years to enjoy the rest. Based on your efforts and the niche you are choosing this two years may also become three or five. Your self-confidence and effort are the biggest investment to become a millionaire.

How to make money?

1.Write a book to make money

Writing your own book is no more a difficult task after the advent of Kindle .Amazon the biggest e-commerce platform in the world providing self-publisher to become a millionaire .If you are creative or having deep knowledge in the particular subject you can become a millionaire.

The only computer skill you need is Microsoft word to write down your story, easily accessible tools are available to assist you right from correcting your grammar mistakes like Grammarly to creating your book cover page like Amazon’s cover creator. Amazon assist you right from designing to publishing all you have to do is to have passion towards writing and time to market your book. A lot of marketing platforms and freelancers are out there to help you out. Even amazon market your book for 90 days if you are ready to enroll into KDP select.

Start with 50 or 100 pages eBook and slowly move to big one, write eBook get feedback work on it and keep the momentum.

Since content is the king, a creative content will make you the best seller and helps in a word of mouth marketing I came to know about Chetan Bhagat in my school days through my friend I mean if you are ready to impress 10 readers he will help you to reach 100 new subscribers.

how to make money
Meredith Wild


Meredith wild making millions by making romantic stories in Amazon, Mark Dawson (Crime-thriller writer) is also one of the successful self-publishers making millions .If they can do Why can’t you and me?

2.Write a blog to make money

I know you are tired of hearing this and you know very well it takes many years to make thousands in blogging but the reality is saying a different thing.

Blogging is one of the effective money making industry where you have the chance to become a millionaire by writing a right post.

You know it before it took few years for Shraddha Sharma to make YourStory a big one and for Harsh Agarwal to make a fat account but there are other few examples who made big money in a year or less than six months by blogging.

Banners and ads are not the only way to generate income through blogging you need to try different platforms like affiliate marketing or selling your own book or through Youtube videos or through podcasts.

Again content is the king and Queen if you have a quality content for your selected audience they are waiting to make you rich.Amit Agarwal is the living example of how one can make lakhs from his blog.

how to make money
Amit Agarwal


John Dykstra made dollars within six months from his blog writing about blogging and how to make fat stacks. Eric James made millions less than one year from his blog he writes about sales and copywriting.

If they can do why can’t you and me?

3.Sell to make money

Remember we cannot become a millionaire by getting 10% appraisal every year. Your dream will be a mere dream if you are not coming out of your comfort zone.

A good business idea is needed to become millionaire not huge money. Idea coupled with a good team is the need of an hour. Unless otherwise, you start selling a product or service you can’t get away with EMI .

Alibaba, one of the biggest online stores doesn’t own any warehouse, Ola doesn’t own any cabs, OYO rooms doesn’t own any hotels, Zomato doesn’t own any restaurants. Again content is the king it’s your business idea and your team to make anything possible.

But don’t quite and start your business tomorrow make a long-term plan for two years to start your business. Stop spending and start saving to invest, stop buying things on EMI, start generating the second source of income, start learning business functions from root to shoot, start finding likeminded people for your team.

My friend once said business is about three F “Finding, Founding, and Funding. He explained it

Finding –    Finding the right team.

Founding – Founding your startup to make transaction.

Funding   – Attract investors to fund.

You know every day YourStory is coming up with new millionaires if they can do why can’t you and me?

4.Trade to make money

Online trading is one of the best ways falls as an answer for how to make money. But this needs more knowledge than the normal trader for that you need to follow the market closely. During Brexit, many lost and few became a millionaire.

You can also get help from money brokers or from your connections who is having deep knowledge in trading to help you out initially once you understand the market it will be fun playing with it.

But be very careful don’t invest more money at once, practice with the low budget then move to big. Wrong understanding may ruin your wealth.

Timothy sykes became a millionaire at the age of 21 and his friend Gregg made $11million in trading –Source Huffington post.

If they can do why can’t you and me?

I feel these four ways can bring big money please share this post else comment down I try my level best to answer your query.

If you feel some more ways are there then please feel free to comment down.

If you want to learn the best way to market your product or blog on Pinterest then you should find this guide in your favorite store various free tools is discussed in the book Pin on Pinterest($5 only)

Pinterest marketing
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20 useful websites to improve 1% everyday

You always want to improve better than yesterday your improvement may in your professional life or in personal life but you always dream to improve.

Sticking to your schedule is not only the way to improve but also you need to stick to some useful websites in the internet world. So here I am listing out few useful websites that could improve your efficiency. 

This simply and effectively designed website will improve your typing skill. Regular practicing will make you type without having sight on your keyboard. It is fun practicing here. I tried and it really works need not spend money on special classes.

useful websites

This one helps you to increase your reading speed. They help you to read faster comprehend more to improve your productivity.

This website helps you to read more books at less cost and also you can get the idea on what others are reading.Here you can swap your books with other users.

This website will prevent your addiction on websites. You can set a time limit for a website and store it in your browser if you spend more time on the respective website it warns you. 

If you have the problem of sticking to your goal you can sign a commitment contract here and Stickk will do the rest.

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An online project management tool to organize and to share the project status with your teammates. A useful tool for startups and project managers.

useful websites



Memrise will help you to learn new languages easily and faster.


Are you sending sensitive information to others then privnote will help you to do without any tension.Visit the site to know better.


Tripit helps you to organize all your travel related stuff either it is personal or for business.

useful websites



If you are fond of reading then this website will help you to find the free kindle books.


Rather than going through each and every line and worrying about grammar this website will help you to correct the spelling and grammatical errors by simply copying and pasting.


Step by step instruction for various task simply watching the video you can now learn how to complete it on your own.


Thousands and recipes with many reviews will help you to learn and eat new recipes.

useful websites



Delivering free advice to homeowners on how to fix, how to install or build and how things work .This will really help us to understand our house technically.


A place where you get motivated by popular speakers around the world.

useful websites



A graphical dictionary helps you to understand and memorise the word easily.

useful websites



An easy to use online photo editor with many attractive features. Easy to make cover images for your profile.


This one suggests what you have to read next, by simply entering author or book name it will give you many suggestions from the respective genre.


This website will help you to write more than 140 character tweets.


One of the most useful websites where you can learn more by asking and writing.

If you know few other useful sites please comment down, will add it up. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter , bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.




5 tips on how to get job through LinkedIn

Yes you are bored of hearing this if you want to get Job concentrate on LinkedIn than on Tinder or Facebook. Your parents and professors believe LinkedIn is a place to connect with professionals but they never taught you how to improve your opportunity using LinkedIn. So here we are writing shortcuts on how to get job through LinkedIn?

1.Make a post

You might have seen recruiters making post like this

Hey hi we are recruiting fresh talents for new openings in London and Bangalore .Like or comment on this post so we will view your profile later.

No I am not asking you to like the post and wait for their review read the complete article on why you should avoid liking or commenting on LinkedIn post to get job.

Why don’t we try it in reverse? Yes we make a post like this

Hi I am graduated from X university with Y grade having core skills in Z functions , finding opportunities in Z related business if you have vacant please review my profile .Friends please like my post to reach right people.

Hope you know how important it is to get likes it’s more powerful than Facebook shares so request people to like your post .I have not seen such a post like this think different and improve your opportunity.

2.Hack a mail address

If you find any HR making post on vacancy rather than simply linking or commenting on the post you can send your resume to their personal mail.

If you see any post like that just send a connection request to the respective user once they accepted your request.

Get their mail id and send your resume, Read the article’s first point on How to extract your connection’s mail id.

Send your completed resume to the respective person and wait for the reply if they don’t reply then don’t send again and again leave them and approach through some other techniques.

3.Get endorsements and recommendations

Maintain a complete profile with precise information and more skills to your profile and request people to endorse your skills .Endorsements are also like recommendations but not in written form.

For example if I know Digital marketing and if get more endorsements then my profile viewer say recruiter believes in my skill and get an idea about my knowledge on Digital marketing. But you can only endorse your first degree connections.

Get a written recommendations this will really create a positive impact on your profile .You can get a recommendations from your successful seniors, Immediate managers, Alumni, Professors and colleagues.

More recommendations from high profile people will help you to grab the opportunity with shortlisted profiles.

4.Publish a post

There is an option to publish your own writing on specific topics and it goes public and reach right people if you use appropriate tags.

For example if you are looking for an opportunity in marketing publish a post with some creative ideas and with appropriate tags. Publish a post once in a week and then starts exploring opportunity this will really help you to stand out.

5.Follow your connections updates

Don’t ignore your connections updates like job change, position change, title change etc., it will help you. It will open up a way to get a job.

For example one of my connections changed his company from X to Y and I got a notification from LinkedIn that “D started working in Y wish him ….

That time I was trying an opportunity outside my present company so I dropped a message like this “ Congratulations ,I am looking for a new opportunity is there any more openings in your company in marketing “ He said yes then the conversation went and it ended up in salary negotiation with the company HR.

So if your connections are switching their job then you have two opportunities one where they worked and the second one in where they joined. So keep following your connections updates.

If you know few other tips on how to get a job through LinkedIn please comment down below we will add it up. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us in Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in socialbookmarking sites.

Why you should take startup jobs?

Growing startups culture not only trying to contribute in economic factor but also opening new gates for fresh passouts to  experiment their skills. Getting job is no more difficult now .If you know Photoshop or blogging or digital marketing then startups are searching for you but with above skills it is difficult to get a job in established firms. Here I am listing five effective points on why you should take startups jobs.

1.Less competition

Yes if an established firm announcing a job opening then the competition will be more for example if an automobile manufacturing company is announcing a job opening for a package of 25k then applications will be more than 25k for the single opening but on the other hand if an ecommerce startup is announcing a job opening for the same 25k they get around only 1000 applicants because most of them don’t show interest in startup jobs and unaware of the opportunities.

2.Skill development

You can develop your skills here, it’s much better than your college labs or your clubs. You get an exposure to complete business stages and nothing will happen without the knowledge of you.

Some startups will help you to develop your skills with the help of third parties are your seniors will teach you quickly because they want you to try this in their business.

Startup is a place of learn and try almost everyone comes with single skill and develops there. For example if you join the startup with Photoshop skill with in one or two years you will be the master in all the designing software if you have passion to learn.

You will learn teamwork and develop interpersonal skills.

3.Job satisfaction

You will definitely feel your presence and they will know how important you are. It is your idea they are going to implement it is your design they are publishing it in newspaper. So you feel worthy and will boost you to contribute more which motivates you to learn more.

But it is not easy to implement an idea in an established firm even though it is correct and plausible because you are junior they won’t listen to you and it is very difficult to implement your idea sometimes you won’t feel your contribution.

4.Grow fast

If your business is really doing well in the market then fast growth is assured in a year. They may promote you as an Assistant manager of a function at the age of 23 or as Manager at 24 which is not possible in established business you have to work at least 4-5 years to become Assistant manager of your function that too depends on your company’s hierarchy.

5.Get an easy second job

If you want to switch over the company then your learnings in startup can help you a lot .You can compete with everyone if you really learned the business. Even some startups specifically mentioning they need people with startup experience.

Not only to get an easy second job but also to start your own business.

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Why you should not join Startup jobs?

Though startup jobs sound sexier these days the real effort to bring a complete business from scratch needs effort from all levels right from middle level managers to bottom level. Everyone needs to put effort to make a business successful .It is not easy to start your career in early stage startups here I am listing out why you should not join startup jobs? This version is purely from my very own experience.

1.No holiday

Yes you won’t feel the difference between weekdays and weekends not even you get holiday on Sunday. All the seven days you have to work with your team even they tell you to celebrate Diwali or Christmas with team not with your family I mean no holidays for festivals also.

2.Over time

It’s not a 9-6 job, there are startups working from 9-12 or even till 2 in the morning. You have to work continuously can’t tell your boss that you will leave early.

A Bangalore based startup launched their campaign for two days so they made their people to work continuously till 6 in the morning and it continues for the next day.

Another startup made their people to work 100 hours continuously to build their new product.

3.Low package

If you put this much efforts in an established business you get salary more than you need but in startups you get less package in 20’s but you have to work a lot.

You can be a B.E graduate or MBA graduate your pay will be less can’t expect hikes immediately .You need to wait for a long time.

I got a call from a Bangalore based startups to join their business in sales and marketing but they won’t pay me I have to work for six months free once they get fund they will start paying me.You may have to go through situations like this.

You can’t expect perks from a bootstrapped business.
4.No commitments

You cannot commit yourself to anything, you can’t find time to spend with your family or with your friends.

You cannot expect salary on time, financial commitments are also difficult in startups mostly they pay you on 7th or in second week. You have to wait for your salary. There are some startups with three months arrears also.

5.It may fail

Everyone in your business wants to become successful but more than 90% of startups fail because of many reasons .Think of the situation like this you are working for one year continuously for low salary and if it couldn’t turn up then ??

Please comment down why you should not join startup jobs? publish useful and interesting topics for you follow us in Facebook and Twitter


Don’t like and comment on a post in LinkedIn to get job

If you are an active LinkedIn user you might have come across the posts like “Like or comment down we will view your profile “and we simply like and comment the post. But are they viewing your profile? Are you getting notification from LinkedIn that they viewed your profile? Here I am guessing why they are making post like this.

1.They are bootstrapped

You need to pay LinkedIn to invite application for vacant positions so if they are not established business or their business is bootstrapped or their HR is more concerned about their business then they are making post in LinkedIn for recruitment and requesting people to like and comment on the post. By liking their post it reaches your connections and becomes chain reaction.

So they can get the desired person by screening their profile but most of them are not doing.

2.They need free advertisement

LinkedIn is the best place for B2B business so by making recruitment post with small description about their company and requesting you to like, the post will reach more and they get free campaign for their business their motto is not to recruit people but to establish their brand.

Mostly start-ups are doing like this to improve their visibility.

3.Individuals to become famous

Other than making their business brand visible individuals want to become popular in their network. For example if they are posting recruitment post people will view their profile and their viewing rate goes peak. LinkedIn also ranks you based on the number of profile views you get so they become popular in their network.

4.To make you follow

If they are doing B2C business then they can sell or advertise their business to all the LinkedIn users by making you to like the post they can make you to follow their business page through which they can sell their product or service.

So before liking or commenting think on your decision. Why can’t they provide their mail id to send your resume in the same post or why they are not asking you to apply in their company’s website what is the reason behind it? It’s all about to make their business reach many people.

If you feel there are lot more please comment down below we will make it long.

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5 things you should avoid in resume

Yes it really speaks for you, during interview you will be asked only from what you know or what you studied not more than that .Resume helps them to understand how skilful you are and help them to shoot suitable questions. But good resume will really help you to fetch good job.

1.Avoid old standard

Need not to list out the things like label for your job .If you list out everything one by one it takes more than two pages so avoid the obsolete way of preparing your resume.

Use more creativity you can include your professional photo at the top right, designing your resume like LinkedIn profile, enclosing it between tags if you are from CS or IT, instead of bulletins use gear icons if you are from faculty of mechanical engineering .

Add creativity they are bored with a standard and a normal resume for many years so creativity in your resume can help you to impress them.

Your friends may threat you if you do like this you won’t get job but don’t worry seriously this century need innovators than copycats.

2.Avoid unwanted information

Resume is only for you not for your entire family avoid writing father’s occupation, mother’s occupation, father’s date of birth and all if they are really interested in your family they will ask you at that time you can answer.

Only write what you know or have a complete knowledge on what you wrote never ever write anything to improve your resume. If you are writing about your projects 95% they will ask about your contribution in your project be ready to answer and have full knowledge.

Avoid merits like runner ups or third places display if you won something truly and got any awards don’t display simple participation information if it is competition. On the other hand if it is like workshops or interns do write.

3.Avoid more than two pages

They will never show interest on your resume if it is more than two pages .You can write a two page precise resume for Raghuram rajan or for Obama so don’t try to put all the information in your resume.

Spend two lines to write about your achievements, experience, interns which will inspire the reader .Like Thirukural put it in two lines don’t take more.

4.Avoid black and white photocopy

Don’t be stereotyped spend some money to have a good colour copy of your resume which will excites the interviewer. But don’t overdo with colours choose only two colours and play with it.

5.Avoid conclusion

It is not your cover letter so please avoid writing down place, date, yours faithfully, Thanking you and all.

There are lot of very good sample resumes in internet go through those or get a suggestions from others. Unwanted information will make you unwanted so please be sure before you include a dot in your resume. is bridging the gap between corporates and colleges to match the corporate’s expectations and student’s skill you can approach them to train you to get the job you want.

If you feel there are lot more to avoid in resume please comment down below we will make the list long. publish useful and interesting topics for you follow us in Facebook and if you feel this is really useful share it in Digg