MHT CET 2018 Difficulty Level in Class with JEE Main Here’s how

The Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra, the conducting body of MHT CET exam has planned to raise the level of questions to be at par with JEE. Changes have been brought by working on the exam pattern and weightage. Through MHT-CET, one can take admission in various Engineering, Pharmacy, Technology and Agricultural courses.

On the other hand, the Joint Entrance Examination or JEE is one of the most sought-after exams in the country. Around 12 lakh students appeared for the exam in 2017 and the count is rising with every successive year. JEE Main 2018 scheduled for April invited 11.5 lakh applications.

As mentioned above, certain changes have been brought by DTE to work upon the level of MHT CET, preferably it must be brought in lines with JEE. Given below are the details of the changes brought to the examination so as to compete with JEE.

  • No segregation of class XI and XII syllabus
  • Every section of the exam will have same number if questions (50 per section)
  • From the total number of questions (50), 10 will belong to class XI while rest of the 40 questions be based on the syllabus of class XII
  • Questions will strictly be application-based

How MHT CET and JEE differ?

MHT-CET tests for the bookish knowledge of candidates. So, preparing for boards leave you more or less prepared for MHT-CET. Most questions in the exam do not expect you to apply the concepts, and require you to know only the facts.

On the other hand, JEE puts lesser emphasis on bookish knowledge. There are fewer questions that require you to know only the concepts, and a larger fraction of the questions require little bit of application. Typically, we can conclude that an above-average student would require about a month to prepare for the test.

To understand the difficulty level of MHT CET and JEE, paper analysis of the both the exams from previous year trends is required. Given below is the paper analysis of both the exams to understand the difference in level of exam.

MHT CET 2017 Paper Analysis

MHT CET was held on May 11, 2017. Around 3,89,520 candidates appeared for the exam. Paper I comprised of Biology with 100 questions (Zoology (50) and Botany (50)). Paper II comprised of Physics and Chemistry with 50 questions each. The exams were conducted in 3 languages – English, Marathi and Urdu and is was moderately difficult. While Paper III comprised of Mathematics with 50 questions was conducted in English only.

The Physics section was tough as compared to previous year. The questions were twisted. This section was more of numerical based which took quite a considerable amount of time.

Chemistry section was thought to be the easiest. In whole paper, there were only 2 numerical based questions. They were easy and saved lot of time. Thereby, balancing the time factor between Physics and Chemistry.

The last section constituted of Mathematics. Candidates surprisingly found the paper easy but quite lengthy. Anyone who knows shortcuts to various concepts would have taken the advantage of the paper.

Biology section maintained a balance between the difficulty level and time allotted. The questions were not so difficult. In this paper, more questions belonged to genetics and plant physiology but anyone who must have prepared botany well could score more than others.

JEE 2017 Paper Analysis

Paper I

The Paper I was conducted between April 2 – 9, 2017. Around, whopping 12 lakh students appeared for the exam. Physics section was moderately difficult and the questions were formula-based.

Considering Chemistry, it was slightly tough in comparison to the previous year. Exam was more conceptual and calculation based.

Mathematics was surprisingly easy as this subject is supposed to be the toughest by aspirants. It was more of concept based, so anyone strong with concepts and its application would have done wonders in the exam.

Paper II

Physics reflects the same pattern as it was in Paper I. It was moderately difficult. Questions were concept based. Chemistry was easy just like the Paper I and previous year. More questions were formula based. However, Mathematics was tough as compared to other 2 sections. But, the level of section was easy when compared to previous year.

The above given paper analysis of both the exams shows the level of difficulty faced by candidates. The overall difficulty level if compared will favor JEE. The exam may not only lie with making the questions difficult, it is all about how well you understand the concepts. How to test conceptual understanding of the candidates is the ultimate challenge. The level of JEE has always been appreciated as it inducts best-in-class candidates for future run and thus, DTE, Maharashtra wants MHT CET to be in line with JEE.

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Top YouTube Channels to Enhance Your NEET preparation

Top YouTube Channels to Enhance Your NEET preparation

With technology touching every aspect of human life, we can already witness a gradual shift from archaic classroom education system to a more flexible and easily accessible one; from traditional book to brain approach.

The ease and flexibility facilitated by YouTube makes students reach out to it for free assistance for various competitive exams, such as NEET. It imparts the same content in an engaging and instructive manner to the students and provides an easy access to a world of knowledge at a single platform.

Fun Fact: YouTube is available in 76 different languages, which covers 95% of the total internet population, thus bridging the gap between learning and language.

Below are a few prominent YouTube channels you can follow to enhance your NEET preparation.

Khan Academy

This channel was introduced in 2006 and aims at providing quality education to students who can not avail the desired resources in order to prepare for the exam.

Over 29 lakh people have subscribed to the channel. Subscribers avail benefits of practice exercises, instructional videos and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers them to learn at their own pace. The idea is to provide a classroom in the comfort of home to those willing to learn.

The channel specializes in science, mathematics, computer programming, history, art history, and economics. The content is user-friendly and is translated into more than 36 languages for its subscribers.


Exam Fear

This YouTube channel aims at providing free quality education to its subscribers. Commenced in 2011, the channel consists of over 5000 videos covering various lessons on Physics, Mathematics, Biology, & Chemistry. Candidates benefit from the in-depth explanation of concepts & useful tricks provided to them.

‘Exam Fear’ is one of the most popular destinations for your NEET preparation and has almost 2 Lakh subscriptions under its name.


Askash iTutor

This e-learning platform has almost 63,000 subscribers and largely comprises of videos of Aakash classroom programs for those who are not able to study at the institute. Started in 2012, the channel covers the following aspects.


  • Video Lectures from the faculty of Aakash Institute.
  • High-quality e-Books.
  • Assessments, Quizzes and the Flagship AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series).

Apart from a YouTube channel, the institute also has their own Android app providing quality educational videos on Physics, Chemistry & Biology to help the candidates prepare for the exam.

Mlearning India

About 66,000 of its subscribers avail the benefits of learning from some of the most renowned teachers and lecturers. The videos are uploaded to external/internal hard disk and are compatible with all major Operating Systems.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics videos are some of its main subjects. Videos are available in both English and Hindi languages. Students preparing for NEET, JEE, school and board examinations can learn from this channel.

Etoos Education

Commenced in 2013, the channel focuses on smart learning in a budget. The channel has a subscription base of more than 64,000 and aims at providing the students to learn by using latest educational tools and software.

Some of the most innovative online tools to help students learn and prepare for the exam have been developed by the channel. Students can prepare for competitive exams such as NEET, JEE, and CBSE examinations anytime at their own convenience, given they have an internet connection.

If you know any other good channels for the benefit of future doctors please comment down.

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KVPY: How will it Benefit the Research Enthusiasts

The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana ( KVPY ) exam acts like talent scout for the most talented researchers in the field of Basic Sciences and is a promising scholarship opportunity for the same. This exam is to secure admissions and reserve seats in prominent educational institutions. The main aim of Kishore Vaigynaik Protsahan Yojana exam is to inspire and encourage students to excel in research fields in Basic Sciences and avail monthly scholarships and yearly grants for the same.

Access to premier laboratories, world class libraries of top universities and National laboratories are other added benefits. So, if you are aspiring for a research-oriented career in Basic Sciences or even Medicine or Engineering, then apply for KVPY.


Initiated in 1999, Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is a National Program of Fellowship in Basic Sciences and funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) also holds share in administering this exam.

This scholarship exam selects and promotes extremely talented budding research students in field of Basic Sciences. Being a national level exam, students from all over India apply for it. All those who pass KVPY gain scholarships and contingency funds or grants up to Pre-PH.D level, depending upon their academic qualifications.

Students studying in Class 11 and 12, or any first year graduation course in Basic Sciences such as B.Sc., B.S., B.Stat., B.Math., Int. M.Sc. and M.S. with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects and having an aptitude for scientific research can apply.

A student has 3 exam streams or levels to choose from to write the exam. They are Stream SA, SX and SB. This choice is exercised by students based on their academic qualification at the time of applying for the exam.

The next step is writing the Aptitude test, which determines the analytical aptitude of a student. It is a 3 hours duration test, in the multiple choice format and conducted in both Hindi and English medium for 100 marks.
The selection process to KVPY fellowship is looked into by the Indian Institute of Sciences, where they scrutinize applications of eligible students and conducts the Aptitude test on a given date across various centers in India. Shortlisted students are then called in for the interview round, based on their performance in the Aptitude test. These two steps are followed by the preparation of an all India merit rank list. The rank lists are separate for Class 11, 12 and 1st year graduation students.

Scholarship amounts are awarded to students based on this merit list which combines both aptitude test and interview marks.

The students receive scholarship amount of INR 5000 per month from first year to third year students (B.Sc. /B.S. / B. Stat. / B. Math. / Integrated M.Sc. /M.S.). There is also an annual contingency grant of INR 20,000 in these three years. After the third year,  the scholarship amount is increased to INR 7000 per month and INR 28,000 for annual contingency grant for the subsequent years of study ( 4th year of M. Sc. or 5th year of Integrated M.Sc. /M.S./M. Math. /M. Stat.).

Qualifying KVPY is important for the most passionate researchers in the field of Basic Sciences.  The major reasons to apply and try out this opportunity are five-fold, mainly:

Gaining the Edge

Firstly, gaining a KVPY scholarship gives any student a serious and tough competitive edge over others in the same field. It gives away a clear sign of research aptitude by any qualified KVPY student and they stand out easily. It also opens the door to technology related researches in Science domains.

Faster Routes to Admissions and Jobs

Being a qualified KVPY student also doubles the chances of direct admissions into top premier educational institutes such as IISc Bangalore and various IISERs in India. Students can opt for the Bachelor of Science or Integrated Master of Science programs.

IISER Pune reserves 25% seats for KVPY qualified students. Students gain extra credit points for their KVPY ranks for B.Tech admissions at IIIT Delhi. And at IIIT Hyderabad, passing KVPY is apparently the eligibility criteria for selection into B.Tech. and M.S. programs.

With regard to job and study opportunities abroad, being KVPY qualified only makes it easier.  Research scholars are in great demand in foreign countries as this tag lends extra credibility to their individual findings and the work carried out by them in respective research areas.

Research Experiences

The research experience for a student under KVPY scholarship is often diverse and unique. They get to work and study with scientists, thereby increasing their knowledge in specific project areas. This experience can be a confidence booster for most students who work in their own independent research projects, which is a necessary requisite to succeed in scientific and related research areas.

Taste Fame and Recognition

KVPY qualified students also receive fame and recognition. In the education sector, such fame is worth for further collaborations and learning opportunities, especially in the field of Basic Sciences or Engineering. These fields are by default, some of the most powerful, scientific and technological research fields.
Special Research Camps

Lastly, KVPY qualified scholars also benefit by being invited to participate in special summer camps. The camps are often an elite meeting of the best talented geniuses such as researchers and scientists of diverse research expertise. Many of these camps are held in famous research institutes and that raises the bar for KVPY scholars.

Notifications regarding KVPY 2018 is expected to be out by July 2018. The exam is scheduled to be held in will November 2018. Consider the potential gains, start the preparations early and give it exam your best shot.

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List of top institutions offering MBA for free in India this year

Hey before you dive into the post let me clear you one thing because I don’t want to disappoint you later. These institutions are not offering MBA for free for all but to the deserved one.

Who is the deserved candidate to do MBA for Free? Well, the rules and criteria are framed by the institutions itself, not by Government. If a candidate meets the criteria then he can do MBA for free.

An agile personality cannot stick to the same paycheque and designation for the long time he wants to prove and move.

Some professionals want to accelerate their career growth by doing a stunning performance but few choose to do higher studies in the premier institutions to grow fast.

In Indian scenario, professionals are choosing higher studies only to grow faster in or outside their organization but that’s not easy here.

There are two things which you have to face to pursue the desired course in the desired institutions.

1.High in the competitive exams mostly CAT for two-year programs and GMAT/GRE for one year MBA program.

2.The huge amount of tuition fee in all the reputed institutions except FMS Delhi where the cost of the tuition fee falls within a lac.

It is mandatory to score well in the entrance test to grab a seat in the reputed institutions but the second point tuition fee you need not worry.

Imagine a scene like, completing MBA with 25+LPA offer but the cost of the education is zero.

Top Institutions offering MBA for free in India

1.Indian School of Business- Hyderabad, and Mohali

Isn’t shocking?

ISB awarding 100% merit-based scholarship based on the overall weighted score at the end of the selection process by the board.

You need to take GMAT/GRE to get admission into ISB but remember one thing there is no fixed cut-off even 690 could get a seat and 750 may be rejected.

Getting admission in this institution is purely based on your resume score. Since it is a fast one-year program minimum 24 months of work experience is mandatory to get into ISB.

Mba for free at isb

2.Amity Business School

To get admission into this campus for free candidates need to secure 93% aggregate and above in CBSE/ICSE/XII and 80% above in graduation.

Amity University also providing 100% scholarship for their Bachelor’s program based on the candidate’s performance in the exam.

3.SRM Business School

This respective institution providing many 100% scholarships under different categories but the attractive one is SRM Founder’s Scholarship under University Scholarship Scheme where the eligible candidates are given full tuition fee, mess fee and hostel fee waiver and Rs.1000/-  as stipend every month.

Other than Founder’s scholarship some merit and special merit scholarships also provided for the needy and eligible one.

Decent placement records here won’t disappoint the candidates to choose this campus.

These are the only three institutions providing 100% scholarship for the eligible candidates, other than these there are many institutions including IIM providing certain percentage based on merit and need but not 100%.

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Byjus alternative for school students to learn much deeper

Byju’s is really an excellent product for school students for self-learning at the comfort of your home but there is a better alternative available in the market which explains the concepts deeper with practical examples.

Too much of anything is good for nothing.

Availability of cheap internet and electronic devices make school students study and clear the exams without going to the school every day. In fact, the quality of online lectures is better than classroom sessions.

we need to be very careful while learning online.Many self-called subject experts are available on the internet especially on youtube trying to make money from videos. Can you rely on them?

Educated parents or relatives can teach KG subjects with patience and care better than the school teacher then why you are enrolling them in preschools.

A college goer can explain the science concepts in k-8 grade better at low cost then why you are not sending your son/daughter to learn from her.

Because he is not recognized and certified to teach by the government or by any institutions. He won’t take any responsibilities if his teaching fails.

The same scenario applicable to freelancing vloggers who makes explanatory videos for students.

The urgency of online learning is understandable but learning from random YouTubers are not appreciable. Rather you can choose recognized online institutions like byjus or meritnation.

Byjus is a combination of background lecture and frontend 3d visualization of the concept but all are animated one not real.

The main reason behind the failure of all engineering students is the loss of textbook’s  nexus with practicality.

They study everything as a block diagram but what they experience is completely different. The same scene happens with byjus they show the animated images not the real component.

The three main advantage of (Byjus alternative) over Byjus

1.Though byjus perceived as an alternative for evening tuition here students cannot have live interaction with the teacher.He can only listen to pre-recorded videos.

Whereas in meritnation you can have live interaction. Students can easily clarify his doubts before proceeding to the next concepts.

2.In Byjus all the concepts are explained in 3d animation with background lecture. No real-life demonstrations.

Whereas in meritnation real components are shown with a clear demonstration which helps students to relate what they are studying and what they are encounter in life. Both are same.

3.The cost of meritnation is competitive.

In meritnation one-year foundation course you get access to live classes, recorded video lectures, Assessments, Homework help, Revision assistance and test package.

Whereas in Byjus tablet, you get access to recorded 1000+ lectures, chapter wise mock test, an app for parents to track performance, revision assistance.

Merination benefits are more and better than Byjus.

In both meritnation and byjus faculties are from reputed institutions and the team behind the content creation is far better than independent vloggers so you need not worry about the quality of the content.

Both Byjus and merination covers almost all the topics in the respective grades need not refer any second source to complete the subject.

Both are providing rigorous test materials to secure good marks in the final exams. Those sincerely prepared questions may help students to crack competitive exams also.

By the above comparison, you can easily conclude that meritnation is better than Byjus for your kids to learn the concepts better.

In order to better this post, you can comment down your suggestions below.

5 best sites to find Sarkari Naukri

According to HRD ministry, India got 6000+ engineering and technology institutions enrolling 2.9 million students and nearly 1.5 million students are passing out every year.

Since the supply is more than demand, a number of students passing out every year exceed the number of job opportunities in core industries which push students to take any opportunities even with a very low package.

The acceptance rate (students accepting the job) of IT industries like Wipro, Infosys, TCS, and CTS were 65-70% in FY12 which is 80-85% now.

Students grabbing the opportunities they get on or off campus despite not -core fields.

But not all of them are settling for private jobs because it is insecure, unstructured profile and work culture (varies from company to company) so some look for Sarkari Naukri which is secured, structured and perfect work-life balance in all means and few go for their own business.

When it comes to Sarkari Naukri it’s not only central government jobs but the state run government also equally generating job vacancies by expanding their operation or getting into new verticals.

Unemployment in India is expected to raise from 17.7 million to 17.8 million in 2017 and 18 million in 2018(src: TOI).

The government is trying its best to create new opportunities but again the supply and demand are not matching which makes the available limited government jobs highly competitive.

By knowing the lust for Sarkari Naukri many bloggers and social media pages are started listing unverified or outdated government jobs to increase their blog views or page followers.

Click to buy this book

So to help you out that government job lovers saocialTalky listing out top 5 authentic sites to find Sarkari Naukri.

Top 5 websites to find Sarkari Naukri


Sarkari Naukri is the number one Government job website in India.

Here you can find government jobs in each state and companies like Airforce, Railways, Bank, Railways and UPSC.

Updated every day with the latest government job openings, news, and notifications.

You can subscribe to get updates on government jobs in your inbox.


Though Naukri is widely known for private sectors jobs it also lists out verified government jobs under “Govt. Jobs” tab.

Though it is well categorized but lacks the description of the jobs listed.

By clicking the link, It will take you to the respective public sector websites to apply or to know the eligibility criteria.

Compared to only very few government jobs are listed but all are verified and updated.


3.Sarkari Naukri Daily

This website gives you the detailed job description about each one listed on their site like Job description, Eligibility criteria (Educational qualifications, Age limit, Age relaxation, Job location), Application fee, How to apply and job-related important web links.

We can say it’s one stop solution for government job-related queries. A simple easy to use user interface.

4.Job Sarkari

Jobsarkari updates all the Sarkari Naukri regularly under department wise, location wise and education wise.

Here also you can get a detailed description of each job listed with easy to apply link.

Additionally, here you get the syllabus, Results and answer keys post exams.

5.Govt Jobs

Run by a bunch of Indians with a pinch of creativity claiming itself the number one Sarkari Naukri website in India listing out Defence, Legal and Medical jobs across the nation.

These are the five authentic sites where you can find Sarkari Naukri related news and notifications. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.



BYJUS learning app to score high marks in exams

Byjus learning app is exclusively designed for students who dreams about scoring more marks but whose mind never give space to take a book and read, who sleeps in the class during boring lectures, who wants to visualize what they are learning, who wants to learn on the go, who wants to understand the concept better than their school subject teachers and who wants to be successful in academics.

And this article is about why you or your children need BYJUS learning app than any other online materials.

Please not this “Byjus review” is not sponsored by Byjus 

Byjus is not only for school grad but also for competitive exam preparatory to get through any tough exams.

During our school days, we read it, memorized it, written it, got passed and forgot it. This habit is a complete cycle in all the stages of our school either it is grade 6 or grade 12 we did the same thing.

It is registered in our mind that marks are only to get good colleges and job not for anything else so we forget everything on successive grades.

But very few lessons we have not forgotten like “A for Apple or B for Ball” studied in Kinder Garten at the age of three or four. You remember isn’t?

At the same time, we couldn’t remember the Physics principle studied in Grade 8 at the age of fourteen.

Do you remember all principles? If not why?

The reason is very simple.

Whatever we read during kindergarten was with picture whether it is A for Apple or the poem “ Johny Johny yes papa”( Haha you indulged in your memories) but the science we studied during later years was thought using confusing line diagrams and vague theories which we failed to understand and remember it.

Now we need to look it from another end.

Many reliable types of research found out that our brain is more of image processor than a word processor. In fact, part of our brain used to process words is smaller in size compared to image processing part and it remembers images than mere words for a long time.

Digital marketer found this fact a few years ago and started playing with images more effectively to increase conversion rate.

Neilsen’s data revealed that users spent 10% more time looking at pictures than they read the content.

SocialBakers research disclosed that images on Facebook get 93% of engagements compared to posts with mere words and Links (src: showHubspot[dot]com).

So scientifically it is clear our brain understands, remembers and increase engagements with images than theoretical statements.

When it comes to learning using images, there are two ways you can learn online.

1.An instructor appears on the screen shows you simple images to explain the topics.

2.A series of slides/2d animations made as a video to brief the concepts with background voice.

But BYJUS brought an innovation in their teaching methods where you get the personalised learning experience by seeing the lecturer and visualizing what she is teaching with excellent graphical works.

Watch this sample course how BYJUS works.

Now you will get a question there are hundreds of free YouTube videos are there why I have to pay BYJUS to learn the same subjects.

Everyone who realizes the value of money will ask this question isn’t?

Let me explain you.

Anyone can start a YouTube channel in any subjects could be mathematics, science or language but do the viewers know they are eligible for teaching the concept.

You learn only whatever the YouTuber knows the knowledge is limited. He reads the subject from books or on internet and republish it as videos.

YouTube is not doing any content checking whether it is reliable or manipulated.

Whereas in BYJUS

A team of qualified selected teachers from world’s top class institutions analyze the subject and find an easy way to teach and explain the concepts with animation which would retain in reader’s memory for a long time.

All the contents go through many stages scrutinization before getting published as course.

Unlike Youtube (single teacher) the knowledge is not limited, a content creating a team is working to build the course so you get a knowledge of highly qualified team’s.

Besides teaching, you do get a full-time support from their team either it is technical or commercial you get service at the doorstep.

At the end of the course you can take test online to test what you understood. If you are clear with the concept you can proceed to next level else ping the faculty to clear your doubts.

Read : List of free online courses to enroll before it gets expire

BYJUS is not the first of its kind

There are lot of online course are there from recognised sellers but as said most of them are mere theoretical and vague.

I have taken many course on established online course sellers like UDEMY but the understanding you get from BYJUS is way better than any other.

BYJUS is a freemium business model where you can take selected few free courses to understand byjus better.

With 7000k app downloads and presence over 1701+ cities byjus is dominating world market and roping in investors and young talents to scale the business in faster pace.

1000+ hours of adaptive videos courses are available on byjus under CBSE, ICSE, CAT, IAS, JEE,GRE, GMAT and Commerce with unlimited practice questions and tests.Here you can challenge your peers through quizzo.

Byjus learning app will reduce your expenditure in education

Almost all the school students are going for private coaching after school to get a special attention of the teacher.

The tuition fee of any recognised private coaching centres ranges from Rs.5000/- to Rs. 20,000/- and the maximum of up to 1.5 lakhs per year.

Average Tuition fees(src: The Hindu)


A tired student after school has to travel to private coaching centres which takes his remaining energy. Even after reaching there some tuition centres are having the same number of enrolments as in their school where the teacher to student ratio is high.

Whereas in Byjus the cost of the course is much lower compared to private coaching centres. The cost of the courses in any specified subject ranges from Rs.1000/- to Rs.50000/- for one academic year not a monthly subscription.

When you compute annually and compare the cost of private centres and Byjus you can save your pocket from deep hole.

An after-school student could take any specified classes from his home need not excessive travelling.

The best part of any online learning especially in BYjus is the student teacher ratio 1:1 complete concentration is assured that too from India’s best teachers.

It’s not only for cutting down evening tuition centres but also to reduce the number of students traveling to Kota for IIT exams or to Delhi for civil service exam preperations.

Technical disadvantage of Byjus

While installing the app you will be asked to choose your grade once it is chosen you cannot change it later.

I love to learn the basics of engineering and chosen lower grades while installing but couldn’t change it in future.

Students should be given a choice so that two students from different classes can learn from the single device.

A well-funded startup scaling its business across all the major cities of the world investing more on Research and Development to create many more useful contents too revolutionize education sector.

A day will become prevalent in future where you need not go to schools to learn or attend exams but can do from your home online and byjus learning app seems to be the first effective step to learn from home.

Download Byjus learning app and fall in love with learning.

How to get more interview calls from Naukri

A few months back you applied on Naukri to get an interview call but till now you have received only one or two calls and that too not converted, isn’t?

If you agree with the above statement then this the right post for you to know how to get an interview call from recruiters.

A research conducted by Gallup (Research based global performance company) revealed that 87% of employees are not satisfied with their present job and they always like to quit and join the better company.



Gallup research
Employee satisfaction


So It’s not only freshers but also working professionals depends on job portals like Naukri to switch over the job.

When you create a profile on Naukri it will suggest you complete the profile 100%.

But even after maintaining a complete profile very few people are receiving recruiters call and many of them are not.

If you ask Naukri, in their blog post they will guide you on

How to increases your chances of getting right job like?

1.Write compelling headline

2.Enter the right key skills

3.Update your profile regularly

4.Fill in relevant fields in your profile (like designation, ctc, skills, education etc.,)

5.Verify your contact details.

Even after accomplishing those suggested guidelines you are not receiving calls.

You should know the reason isn’t?

Whenever a recruiter search for desired candidates based on the keyword or filter, it should fetch the appropriate candidates by keeping the given keyword as a base but mostly they won’t.

Before that we need to know their business model then only we can say how to get calls or why we are not getting calls.

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Naukri Monetization methods

1.You will find related google ads on Naukri so whenever a user makes a click on the ad they get paid this is the common way all the websites and bloggers follow to monetize their content.

2.Like LinkedIn here also recruiters cannot post a job for free they need to choose a plan like single job posting, a pack of five, a pack of 10 or Instant Job posting.

Naukri package
Naukri packages

3.Other than job posting employers can get resume database to find the suitable candidate. Naukri is having 51.1 million registered resumes online.

This database helps recruiters to access candidates profile who are also not active on Naukri.

4.Text resume service – Another premium service from Naukri to enhance the quality of the resume. Naukri experts will write an attractive cover letter and resume for you.

5.Profile enchantment – Naukri is also selling online certificate courses to add it in the resume so you may get an added advantage compared to other candidates.

You might have found notifications from Naukri suggesting relevant online certificate courses, to get better job opportunities.

Here comes the important thing for job seekers.

6.Recruiter reach – Naukri in its blog tells you if you have the complete profile you get more views but that’s half said and the remaining half they monetized it.

If you pay Naukri it will work for you to get more interview calls in a shorter time.If not you have to wait for some time it may be three or four months.

Naukri Credit price
Naukri Credit price

The visibility of paid profile is 6times more than the normal one.

Many of my friends posted their resume online but still now most of them didn’t receive any call irrespective of the skill set.

Naukri frequently suggests you update your profile to get notified but I will suggest you go with premium service to get the job early.

I promise you it is the best way to increase profile views and get more interview calls. If it doesn’t work I will remove this post forever from socialtalky.

The price is also affordable.By buying credits you can directly send messages with attached resume to selected recruiters.

The price of the package varies with the number of credits you want.

One more Naukri’s premium product is CV Blast

This is somewhat similar to CV Boost but the difference is Naukri’s sales executive will promise you if you don’t get the job within six days of registration you will get the money back 100%.

On successful registration, you will get a Registration number valid for 10 years on Naukri.


The disadvantage of Naukri’s CV Blast is after primary registration their executive will call you to pay in thousands to verify your certificates if you are comfortable please proceed. I suggest you not to take this service.

If you cancel the service from your side you won’t get the money you paid for registration from Naukri as happened to me.

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By urging candidates to choose premium package I am not affiliated or selling their service Naukri didn’t pay me for this and this is not a sponsored content.

Here I have taken Naukri as an example but all other job portals like monster, Shine and indeed works in the same business model.

They are not doing free service they do business so pay and then get good service.

But some clever people think like I will be active on Linkedin to get the job why I need Naukri

Naukri helps recruiters to hire based on the submitted resume but Linkedin is one step beyond, besides hosting resume it helps recruiters to find right employees by going through their activities, It’s social Hiring.

This is the main reason why you cannot find any memes or funny videos like facebook posts on Linkedin.

The business model of both Linkedin and Naukri is almost same.

On LinkedIn also recruiters need to subscribe a premium service to post a job and candidates with the premium profile will get more visibility and ultimately the early job.

Recently I had come across an interesting post on Linkedin like this.

Linkedin post
Linkedin post

A lady was conducting a survey

“Have you ever received a job offer through Linkedin?”

She gained around 2.8k comments saying, “NO and Never”

It’s not only those people even I applied for many suggested job on Linkedin but never got any calls.

At least on Naukri, we receive a call or recruiter message once in a month or twice but not on Linkedin.

There are companies like Freshdesk on Linkedin where 8 out of 10 employees will post they are recruiting to get likes and comments but If you apply on their portal or on Linkedin they won’t write a reply and they call themselves Helpdesk service.

Freshdesk is an example but many more independent recruiters and startups are posting a status here but recruiting from Naukri.

Why they need likes and comments on Linkedin?

Linkedin algorithm is written in such a way the post with more engagements (likes and comments) may go viral. So, when a post goes viral they will become popular.

I would have directly told you “Get a premium account to get more profile views” but I wanted you to understand how Naukri works then it will be easy for you take decision faster and wiser.

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If you are the one really looking for a job change register on Naukri get a premium service don’t expect Naukri to service free for you.

If you have any queries please comment down to discuss.

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3 best places to find startup jobs in India

This growing startup India not only has dreaming entrepreneurs but also got energetic young workforce who wish to break the 9-6 formal job and to do something which entertains him which educates him which helps him to grow to attain his own vision in return he can work even beyond 9-6 with compromised compensation with many sleepless nights.

Some passionate students quitting their studies in the middle and taking their internship into the next level of employment.

He is very clear in his move that even after completing college he is going to find a job why not take it before and most of the time our job is not at all related to what we did in school. People who completed production engineering end up in IT field which pushes them to fetch a job while doing college.

Early growth is assured in startups than corporates. Since the average age of employees in a startup is between 28-32 the young team will make the workplace filled with fun and joy additionally there are no formal rules to abide. Right from dressing to office time you have your own freedom.

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Compensations and perks also competitive with corporates to attract money lovers.

Many little-improved things contribute to make startups the best place to learn while you earn.

Though startups sound cool we should be vigilant in finding the right one rather than searching in the established job portals there are few websites out there exclusively to connect you with startups.

We picked three best places to find startup jobs in India.

Find startup jobs is started to help tech companies to raise money and recruit.

Here you can find the complete details of all the registered startups across the globe.

In a simple three steps, you can find the job that matches your profile

1.Create your complete profile 2.Search the desired job 3.Just Apply is popular among founders and startup recruiters so the chances of receiving startup interview call are more here than any other established job portals.


startups jobs

Looks like sticky notes on the wall easy to navigate and designed simply.

His job almost covers all the startup jobs across India right from Coimbatore to Udaipur.

Hosted by HasGeek which organize various conferences for geeks from difference industries throughout the year.


startup jobs

Other then they list out startup jobs by recruiters across the world they also aggregate various fields of jobs from other job portals and startup websites which made them a one stop solution for your job search. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook andTwitter bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.



5 right ways to manage your side business

Everyone wants to live a sophisticated life but being a 9-6 employee your dream is a mere dream you can’t strike any big deal in your full-time day job you know it better than me.

Daydreamers accept the fact and lead the normal life but few hard workers follow their beat and try to get out of their full-time job which is not satisfying him financially and mentally.

Out of these few hard workers half want to jump out and start their full-time business and rest want to do some side businesses like blogging, freelancing, trading and selling on online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay etc.,

The real intention behind side business is they want to secure their full-time job and earn some extra income which will help them to get out of their job in near future.

But when they kick start their side business again they fail in managing it being a full-time employer. Actually, you can run a successful side business when you plan properly and dedicate enough time for your business.

Here I am jotting down five notes on How to manage your side business successfully.

1.Work Long

Building a sustainable side business is not a joke you need to work smart and hard. Spending at least 3 hours a day could accelerate your business turnovers.

manage your side business

A day got 24 hours, let’s keep 10 hours for your full-time job, 7 hours to sleep, 4 hours for miscellaneous activities and remaining 3 hours you can productively spend on your business.

Maintain a clear timetable and stick to it, if you are dedicating 7pm-10pm for your business don’t involve in any other thing just stick to it keep your phone, even family away for these 3 hours. Stop watching Netflix or Youtube if you want to spend quality time with all these things in future then you should abandon everything for 3 hours in a day.

If you cannot work late in the night join 5 am club and start your work in the early morning. When you wake up early in the morning you get more time, you will feel like that day got 26 hours.

If you find difficult to wake up early in the morning, think of your full-time job which you don’t like to continue then even without alarm you wake up earlier.

Your business growth depends on how productively you are using your weekends, it’s your choice either to party on weekends or work on your ideas and do the party every day in future.

Travel less

Office goers spending most of the time in traveling but being an entrepreneur you should avoid this. Try to stay closer to your workplace this may cost you more than normal but cut down the cost by sharing the space with your friends.

It was found in a study that the average commuting time in

manage your side business

Place Average Commuting time one way(minutes)
1.Mumbai 47.26
2.Delhi 42.96
3.Bangalore 37.91
4.Chennai 36.08
5.Hyderabad 33.82
6.Pune 30.87

Source :TimesofIndia

Prefer your own two-wheeler to cab or office bus so that you can reach home earlier amidst heavy traffic.

Taking railways than roadways is knowledgeable to exponentially reduce the commuting time but again if you are from Mumbai traveling in local is also cumbersome.

The idea behind reducing your travel time is to reduce fatigue and increase the quality time to spend on your side business so do travel less.


To manage your side business you need not do all the work manually you can automate as much as possible.

For example .If you are writing a blog use free social media management tools to automate marketing.

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If you are selling on online marketplaces choosing Amazon FBA is advisable but you need VAT and CST certificate to list your store here, on the other hand, you can start selling on Ebay without VAT and CST but no fulfillment service you need to take care of logistics.

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A lot of freemium software are available in the market for everything right from project management to marketing suitable for small business , independent owners, and bloggers.

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3.Rope  in your family

Since you are building a side business you cannot make a contract with your friends as a partner for equity to work in your business but you can rope in your family members to support your business.

Tell them what you are doing, teach them how to perform and assign them small tasks like you can request your sister who is doing college or school to manage your social Medias and answering your customer’s queries.

You can request your brother to do some logistics work which was done by you. Request your wife or husband to write some articles to publish on your blog or to prepare contents for content marketing.

You know your family well, I am 100% sure they will say no when you request them but be smart in assigning a right task for right people.

Roping in your family will considerably reduce your extra loads, cost and time you need to invest.

4.Get external help

Accept the fact that you are lacking some required skill to run a business like designing a website, digital marketing, posters designing or whatever you and your family lack.

Don’t invest your time in learning those things right from basic it will cost your time and decreases your business operation efficiency rather than doing everything on your own, invest few bucks and hire a freelancer on demand basis.

You can find freelancers on aggregator websites like, and other than these sites you can make a post on social media groups to connect with right people there you can bargain more.


5.Invest again

This is very crucial to expanding your business in future. When you generate profits from the small investment you made don’t take the profit out of the business to celebrate your first sale rather invest the profit again increase your sale get more profit and repeat it.

Even if you are starting an online business with 10,000/- and you made a profit of Rs.2000/- in the first month don’t take it out put it again and rotate the money so slowly you can grow your turnover.

Nothing wrong in celebrating your first sale but spend from your full-time job salary. The amount you invested in the business is one time don’t take it out till it grows big.

This what Warren Buffet did in his early stage he invested again.

I hope these 5 tips could help you to manage or think of starting a side business if you feel the same please do share this work with your entrepreneurial friends.