How to get more repins and followers on Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the effective platforms to drive more traffic or sales to your business .Getting followers and repins are no more a big task for bloggers and sellers. Pinterest got more women than men if you are writing about travel,fashion, and food then you got more potential here than any other platforms not only local traffic but also brings international traffic so before you increase followers make sure you are ready to show your blog or sell your product to international users.

How to get more repins and followers on Pinterest?
1.Follow others

Unless you are a stardom or popular business people won’t follow you by default. All you have to do is to make them know that you are using Pinterest and pinning stuff from an interesting website on your boards for that you need to follow pinners.

You can search for the boards related to your and start following the followers of the respective popular boards. If you are really posting related stuff surely you get some follow backs.

For example This board got 100+k followers , you can follow these followers to get follow back


I followed 300 pinners in a day and  earned 30 followers. Keep on following new pinners related to your domain everyday you could get a big number of followers in a month.

2.Invite your friends

Invite all your contacts right from Facebook to your mail accounts. You can also do cross-promotion in other platforms for your board or for your pins to invite your friends to follow or repin your posts.

Tell them why they need to follow you how it can help them .Pitching a post in two or three lines is very important to attract more followers.

3.Pin more

If you are an owner of the board “Make money online” pin more posts from the different websites. Increasing the number of pins will increase the followers and engagements because they got something to do with the board.

4.Use attractive images

Pinterest is all about images .I was using simple copyright free images from google for my posts later I changed the way of selecting images to increase engagements. Spend some time to create your own image for your blog post.

Learning the three to four features of Photoshop is good enough to create your image. Just download the copyrights free images and then make some changes with your blog title and domain name on the images. Since images advocate for your posts on Pinterest, it is very important to have the post title on your image.

Vertically large and beautiful image suits more on Pinterest and attracts more attentions rather than horizontal and smaller one.

Picmonkey is an easy online tool to create your very own image with fewer hassles.

5.Add features on your site

Create an option for your visitors to pin your posts on Pinterest either by adding Pinterest plugin or by adding social sharing plugins like “AddtoAny”.

6.Request pinners

You can request pinners to repin your posts in your description or add a line in your blog post to pin it.

For example, you can add a line at the bottom of your post like this “If you find this interesting please pin it on Pinterest” or

You can create an image to request pinners to pin your post on Pinterest like this.

How to get more repins and followers
Please pin this
7.Contribute to Group boards

Group boards are one of the effective ways to increase repins and followers. Find a group boards for your niche and request the owner to add you then start pinning .You will really come to know the effectiveness of group boards once you started contributing.

8.Analyze the pins

Check your analytical data daily to analyze how many repins, impressions, clicks and likes. Repin the post that got more repins and find the best time for pinning by trial and error method with the help of data.

9.Content matters

Though the title and images look attractive if the content is not worth sharing then pinners won’t show interest to repin so make sure you are sharing interesting content.

If you know few other ways please comment down I try to make the list big.

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4 free email hosting for your business no hidden charges

Since all the communications happens only through email it is very important to have your very own extension rather than general domains like gmail, yahoo, Rediff etc. If you are a startup email id with your domain will make your customer to believe that you are serious about your business and chances of converting leads are also high.

If you are bootstrapped you may hesitate to invest money in buying your extension but there are few free email hosting websites are there to help you out.

Free email hosting

FreeOla is the UK based free email hosting website which  provides you many features in its free version like unlimited mailboxes, unlimited mailbox usage and webmail lite you can also access the mail through their freeola internet. Compatible with all the devices.

free email hosting



This is an amazing opportunity for startups to have their team on board for free you can create upto 25 users with 5Gb storage space and one hosted domain.

free email hosting


If you have the domain already then you can start signing up in ZOHO its really useful for your business. You can also upgrade to advanced features at low cost. provides free email hosting for one year after which you need to pay some penny to continue the service. They too have an option of 15 days money back guarantee.Even after free period it is easy and cheap to upgrade.

free email hosting



Pawnmail is a free email hosting with 2GB storage space, you can create your mail with an easy three steps register your domain, setup your account and manage it.

free email hosting


If you know any other free email hosting websites please comment down we will update the list.

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Free web hosting for small business

Now you need not pay for your trial website or for a trial project, now you need not spend money to build your blog, now you need not spend money to bring out your bootstrapped startup website. There are some websites helping you out to build and host your site for free. Here I am listing 10 free web hosting websites.

List of free Web Hosting

000webhost provides forever free web hosting for you includes features as in a premium package ,1 free website,5 email accounts,100GB bandwidth and free web hosting .They too provide premium hosting with elevated features.000webhost so far hosted 1 crore websites all over the world and one of the leading free web hosting providers.

free web hosting

2.5GB Free

This US based free web host providing an opportunity for bootstrapped small websites .You get 5Gb free space, 3 SQL database, and the basic features. They too have the option to jump to premium host plan with many advanced features and enhanced support plan for just $2.95.

free web hosting


This one provides you 10GB free disk space with one MYSQL database, one email account with apache web server.

free web hosting



Awardspace is an another free web hosting website equipped with Joomla and WordPress installer providing 1GB disk space one main domain and 3 subdomains. You can upgrade to premium with 30 days money back guarantee.

free web hosting


One of the most popular free the web hosting websites providing you unlimited pages, unlimited galleries, unlimited slideshows, mobile site,  ad-free website, Blog features, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and much more.

free web hosting


This UK based website providing you 500MB free disk space,10 hosted domains, No set fee, and 24X7 support.

free web hosting


Jimdo provides free web hosting with professional templates, social media, mobile view, Blog, Google maps and much more for starters.

free web hosting


This free web hosting service provides 2000MB free disk space,100GB  bandwidth, Ad free,2 email accounts.

free web hosting


Comparatively provides more features in free web hosting websites with 20GB free disk space, 150GB bandwidth, and many more interesting features. Hosted more than 5 lakhs websites.

free web hosting


This one provides free web hosting with 50 Mb disk space but serve ads on your site.

free web hosting

If you know few other sites please comment down we will add it up.

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4 ways to tweet long messages

Sometimes you may annoy of this feature when you wish to share more words to your followers but Twitter will restrict you. Here you can learn how to tweet long messages.

1.Use Image

You can tweet an image post .You need not to be excel in Photoshop there are many online tools available to create a twitter image for you. Else you can use PowerPoint to write and save it as an image. Picmonkey is an online tool with various features for easy editing.

2.Split up your tweet

Rather than delivering in a single tweet you can, you can make the long message in many split-ups and post it in a sequence. Online tools are there to do this you have to simply enter your long message they split-up and post it in your account in a right order. You can use to split and post.

tweet long messages

3.Submit a link

You can write a detailed post in Facebook or other social medias and simply embed the link in twitter so interested people will click and read the main content.

Exclusive online tools are also available for this, you have to enter your detailed tweet and click tweet they create a link for your tweet and host it in their site so when people clicks the link in twitter they will be taken to third party sites to read the complete tweet. You can try for this.

tweet long messages

4.Shrink your message

Shrink your words, for example instead of writing “are” you can put one word “R” like this you can shrink almost all the words. If you don’t know how to shrink your words then you can use the online tool tweet composer.

tweet long messages

If you know any other ways to tweet long messages please comment down we will add it up.

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9 Blog idea generators for bloggers

You and I got the passion for writing we publish post continuously for a month on selected niche and there comes the empty space for topics. Mostly we visit other blogs from the same niche to get ideas to continue but there are some online portals and apps are helping writers to generate ideas in their niche all you have to do is to enter the subject you are interested in. Here I am writing down 9 blog idea generators for bloggers.

1.The Blog Post ideas generator

This comes as a chrome app you can easily install it in your browser else you can generate ideas by visiting their site. Blog post idea generator updating new ideas constantly so you won’t get repeated suggestions for your subject.

A simply designed easy to use portal comes with blogging tips to help the bloggers in all means.

blog post ideas generator

2.Content Idea Generator

All you have to do is to signup first and answer the simple 18 questions about your product, service or subject then Content idea generator do the rest choose the one you like to write.

content idea generator



By telling your subject and selecting a describing keyword this will generate few ideas on your subject but you can get all the ideas in your mail by subscribing to SEOPressor.




Not simply suggesting you the topics for your subject but also justifies each and every word to build a quality audience. Portent also suggests you three points on the topic for better results. An easy to use attractive site.




Another fantastic tool to know how many shares the suggested topics for your subject got in social Medias along with Google Trends graph but to unlock the feature you need to pay contentideator $29/month.



6.Hubspot’s Blog topic generator

By entering three nouns related to your niche Hubspot generates 5 quick ideas but to get more ideas you need to submit your blog or business details along with your mail id.



7.Inbound now

Inbound now gives you ready-made ideas with a blank where you can fill up your keywords.

  • For example 25 [Blank] Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for [Blank]

You can fill the blank with your subjects and it becomes complete.




Buzzsumo is the fantastic online tool for bloggers to find the topics along with the number of shares they had in social Medias. It got various options right from filtering videos, interviews, articles and guest post.

You can also export the data to your excel, can create an alert for your specific keyword, can filter out the topics by date, can do content analysis and lots more.

A must try online tool for bloggers.



9.Content Row

Content Row is a simple and easy to access site gives you loads of topics within a second.

content row


Get the topic and put your knowledge and creativity to bring out a useful article for your readers.

Please kindly share your suggestions on blog idea generators. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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Weebly an another easy tool to create your site

WordPress made website building an achievable dream for noncoders with an easy to access the dashboard. A lot of people started writing a blog and created their beta website with WordPress. Instead of spending dollars to create your site you have to spend the time to create your own site now.

In the same way, Weebly is here to publish your site for free or you can buy your very own domain and host package at a competitive price. This supports users with chrome extension a single click will give you a statistical report of your site.

All you have to do is to signup and publish the site .Here I am writing down the step by step guide to publishing your site in Weebly.

1.Go to

Just google into and signup to create your free account. You can also  choose premium packages based on your need but I prefer you to try trial pack first.

It asks for username, email address, and password just enters the details and create your account.

2.Choose your theme

You are given options like Featured,Business,Online store,Personal,Events,Blog and portfolio based on your need choose a theme.

3.Choose your  domain

If you want to publish your site for free then you have to choose a subdomain of Weebly or you can register a new domain under Weebly or you can transfer the domain from third party host to Weebly if you have the one already. But you need to pay more for transferring the domain and takes a time to complete the transfer.


weebly domain

4.Build your dream site

You are equipped with readymade tools to design your site .You can also choose an attractive layout for different pages.

Right from basic tools like adding images, slide shows to advanced plugins also available to enhance user experience and to measure the stats.


weebly tools

5.Publish your site

Once you are done with building your site  you can put it online in one click but before publishing Weebly asks to verify your mobile number by entering correct OTP. Once you entered right then your dream site is ready.

6.Chrome Extension

To measure your website stats Weebly provides you an extension in chrome store just add it to your browser .It provides the stats like a number of page views ,unique visitors in a day in a month and in a year also provides data about your Weebly blog and forums.

weebly extension



If you have any suggestions please comment down we will look into it.

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How I am increasing blog views?

I started writing blog with an aim to monetize it so I made a plan to write continuously for a month and then focus on increasing the views but I did write articles continuously but couldn’t make the views, that time it was only 50 or 60 views per day but after making few changes to my blog and the way of approach I am getting 200-500 views daily. I know 500 is not a big number but how I moved from 50-500 is a notable subject. So here I am putting down how I am increasing blog views.

1.Focused approach

When I started writing a blog, I covered wide genre right from celebrity to sales executive. Under the tag “Must read” I write my observations but later I moved from wide niche to focused approach I started writing on Sales and Marketing, Money Making and Career Guidance.

When I was writing in wide topics I found difficult to draw my audience but now it is easy to attack them so focused approach is necessary for more views.

If you are a team of more than five then you can cover wide genre like news and media website where each one of you can concentrate on the individual topic. But if you are an individual try to write about a specific niche.

2.Explore all the social media platforms

I was restricted only to Facebook and twitter but later I realised with Facebook you cannot reach more people even you cannot reach all your page likers.

Then I started exploring the social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon and so on .Really they will help you to increase your views it will also bring foreign subscribers to your page as I got.

Don’t leave any social platforms explore everything and be consistent in writing and publishing the articles in all the sites.

3.Start Writing in Linkedin and Quora

I started publishing articles in Linkedin with a link to my original article at the end really it is working and fetching decent views from Linkedin users.

Share your article’s link in updates section and write an engagement sentence to engage your connections more they engage, more post reach at the end increased views.

You can write an answer in quora with a link to your article it will also help you to increase views for your blog.

4.Maintain Consistency

You can check my blog  I write articles daily and publish it on all the platforms consistently .It is difficult to maintain consistency amidst busy working schedule but try harder if you really want to increase your blog views.

But never write articles because you have to maintain consistency. Take time to understand your subject and then publish your own observations and learnings.

5.Useful articles

It is your article’s heading which motivates users to open the link to know what is inside the box so make an attractive and relative heading.

Always focus on the content you are writing, people will like to read if you list out the points for example 5 steps before you start a blog to work from home or they want to learn from others experience like How I got four jobs in six months? Or new technology in their industry. Always think from your reader’s point, if you are seeing your post in your timeline, Is it motivating you to open and read or to a simple scroll?

Rather than focussing on views or to make money from blog focus on good content and try to give what they are expecting it will automatically increase view don’t write an article and push it to your subscribers.

These are 5 points I am doing and did to increase my blog views if you have any suggestions please comment down I will write a reply for sure. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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5 Steps before you start a blog to work from home

Two lakhs users are searching for work from home jobs every month in Google but many of the techniques are ineffective and won’t fetch you money to survive. But blogging can bring you the money you want but you have to work hard and has to be patient .Here we are listing 5 steps before you start a blog to work from home.

1.Don’t quit your job to work from home

It sounds insane but don’t quit your job because you are going to focus full day on bringing a successful blog. Lot of people are starting a blog by quitting their job to write about startups, techstories or about new products .Yes you can make million but not from the first day. You may get $0.01 for one day so don’t rely on this income but start writing parallely. Make your job as the main source and blog as future source of income.

2.Select specific niche

The main source of income from blog is by displaying google ads or displaying banner but your click through rate will be low if you select wide genre.

For example if you are starting a blog about Food and Travel AdSense will display ads relevant to your keywords or content of your site and the viewers also coming to your site to know about travel places .If Google displays relevant ad they may click the ad to visit the site so you can make money.

But if you are writing in wide genre like news and media websites AdSense displays ads which are common like ecommerce, play rummy etc. But you are not sure your viewers are interested. So they may not click the ad.

But apart from this based on the viewer’s history AdSense displays ad but it is wise to choose specific genre than wide genre.

3.Start a trial blog

Don’t start by buying host and domain, start by writing in blog websites like blogger or in Tumblr do this for two weeks and analyse whether you have time to write post consistently, think you have the enough knowledge on your niche. If it works then you can start installing WordPress and launch your very own blog but think twice if you cannot post regularly because Google will improve your page ranks if you post fresh contents regularly.

4.Learn basics of SEO

SEO is not dead, if you really want to make money from your blog you should learn the basics of SEO and how to optimize your site .If you are starting WordPress blog there are lot of useful plugins to improve your SEO score so it is important to go through few lessons on SEO.

5.Follow other money makers

Lot of people are making Billions from their blog so before starting your blog read on how they became popular? what strategy they followed to become popular?

For example Yourstory started as a blog in a night now it is under spot light Shradha Sharma shared her story in many interviews not only YourStory follow Amit Agarwal India’s first and only professional blogger making huge money from his blog labnol.

So it is important to learn the strategies that worked.

Please share your suggestions on blog writing as a main source of income to work from home.


How to make your blog post viral?

Everyone wants to make their blog post viral at least one time which will fetch a good response in future also but all the bloggers know this it is not easy to make the content viral but if your content goes unreadable by anyone it may demotivate you because you know how much time you have spent and how much read for composing the post so everyone want their post to be read by everyone. I put some of the points which can make the content viral but don’t try this in all post depends on the content.

  1. Make your content clear even a beginner should easily understood what you are trying to say.
  2. Make the content useful play with some statistics in your niche always don’t go with plain text use appropriate images.
  3. Use Google adwords display planner to collect keywords related to your subject and make the title with it.
  4. Use the keywords in the image alt tag also don’t leave it empty if you are wordpress put it in “Alt text” or if you are coder <img src=”” alt=”keywords”> don’t leave it blank.
  5. Become member of the social media group related to your niche or create and manage one.
  6. Post your blog link in related social Medias group and use appropriate tags.
  7. You can find and track hashtags in websites like hashtagify and hashtracking.
  8. Don’t use more than three hashtags in your twitter post and use maximum in Instagram post .
  9. Make your site SEO optimized if you are using wordpress use Yoast free plugin or get help from the experts.
  10. Make your title sexier people will really open your post if it is like gossip , adult title but make sure at least you have some relation with your content or else readers will never open your post. The advantage is when you post in social groups you get good views but it may not help you in SEO.
  11. Tag the trending hashtags in your post but don’t overdo it.
  12. Request fellow bloggers from other niche to retweet or share your post in return do the same to their post.
  13. Include your blog url in your fb post, as signature in email, your WhatsApp status so people will start questioning you what is this.
  14. Request your families and friends to share and retweet your post.
  15. Find the popular person in your niche and tag her/him in twitter so that he/she may retweet you which can help you to reach maximum numbers but don’t try this for all the post.

And be patient if you know some other points feel free to comment down I will add it in the list.

Content is king but without reader what king will do?


Google Search Tricks you should know

75.2% of the searches happening on Google followed by Bing 8.4% and Baidu 7.69% as per

google search tricks
Source :

But Are we using it effectively?the answer is No most of us don’t know how to use the engine effectively here are some tips which could save your time and do search efficiently .I read about these tricks in some forums ,articles and found in some videos and compiling it for you to use it better.

1.Exclude the search terms :

If you are searching for “Apple” but you don’t want search results for apple mobiles then you can filter it out by saying google .

Apple –mobiles

This search will bring you the results other than apple mobiles its like you are subtracting mobiles from the search.

2.Search for specific term

If you are searching for phrases then you can put that inside the quote “Donkey knows camphor smell” Google will bring you the result only if the phrase matches with the result .

But in general if you search for Donkey knows camphor smell then you get the result matches the words in search term in any order it won’t look for the exact order if it is not inside quote.

3.Get the definition

If you are looking for the definition of any word you need not to refer any individual websites rather you can ask google directly.

define feminism

If you type like that in search bar then you will get the definition of feminism.

4.Search for specific website

If you are looking for information about any single website then you can try this search

It will bring the results only about the website not any other websites.

5.Find linking pages

If you are looking for the website which is linked to some other sites then you can find it easily. For example you can find the websites that is linked to your sites by doing

It will fetch the websites linked to the site you are searching.

Read : 5+ Google search hacks for bloggers and marketers

6.Find a song lyrics

If you are searching for a song lyrics but you don’t know the first line itself properly then you can make a search like this using asterisk wildcards

When I *get* older

Now google will consider that the word with in the asterisk can be any thing it will replace the word which matches better and will bring the result. Its not only for song you can use it for general search also.

7.Find similar websites

You can find the similar websites of example website like this


When you do the search like this google will fetch the result that is similar to and brings some ecommerce websites other than

8.Find the competition

You can compare two websites and see the competition between them for example

shopclues vs snapdeal

This will bring the competition between two ecommerce sites how they are performing in market actually.

9.Find the weather

You can find the weather of specific area without opening any website just do this

Weather Thanjavur

It will show you the weather in Thanjavur(a place in south India) you can also use zip code to find weather.

10.Find nearby

You can find the nearby shops by simple search like this

Pizza shops nearby

Google will take your location and show you the nearby places where you can get pizza .

11.Find a file

You can find a file for specific searches

*search term*filetype:docx

Replace the search term with what you are searching and use the command filetype followed by the file extension you are looking for.

12.Search for local movies

You can find the local movies in specific zip code by doing


This will bring the result of local movies in the specified zip location.

13.Search for product price range

If you are looking for a price range of a product , do a search like this

Plastic bucket $5…$10

This will fetch the websites which are selling the plastic bucket between this price range.

There are lot of stuff to refine your search further but those sounds like technical these are some useful tips where you can practice in every search.If you know other than this please share it in comment section.