How to make money from Instagram?

Instagram is not only a platform to upload your photos and request your friends to double tap on your pic but there is a huge opportunity to become popular and to earn some money it’s very simple.

1.Create a profile

You cannot create a page so create a profile with some general name like “socialTalky” it’s not your personal profile but a public one.

2.Create content

Spend some time to create some valuable posters it can be funny, troll or a serious one but stick to your niche and create posters in your niche.

You need not be a master in designing a pic, simple meaningful poster is more than enough to attract fans. Remember it’s the content in your poster attracts viewers not the design.

3.Increase fans

Focus on increasing your fans for your profile talk about your insta profile in facebook and other social medias request your friends to follow.

Take a screenshot of your flagship poster and post it in facebook to attract them.

Make three posts in a day maintain the consistency in posting don’t break from the schedule stick to it.

4.Attract local business

In the same Instagram you can find local brands trying to promote their brand but fails because they have small number of fans find three to five brands like that ask them for paid shoutout charge them some money to promote their poster with their insta handle.

It’s simple ,you won’t believe this will fetch money believe me people are earning from this they not only promoting brands but also individuals profile to increase fans for them in return they charge some.

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