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interview tips

Interview tips vary from professional to professional here I am not going to give you simple statements but also some examples, statistics and some tools to master the interview.

A lot of phases involved in interviews and it varies from companies to companies keeping yourself prepared for all the situation is the good thing you can do to yourself. Sharing this post with others is the best thing you can do for me.

I am sure this post will help you build the confidence in you to crack interviews.These interview tips are purely out of my own experience.It will definitely help you to streamline your preparation.

Preparation Phase

To crack written Test

1.Mostly all your technical questions will be from your lower grades and most of them are basic ,revising your lower class books or understanding the basic concepts of your study will help you to crack the test.

There are lot of online websites to help you out with the sample interview questions.

Few of the popular websites are

interview tips


2. IndiaBix.com 3. Freshersworld.com
4. Tutorialspoint.com 5. Thebalance.com
6. carrerride.com 7. Techinterview.org
8. A4academics.com 9. GeeksForGeeks.org
10. GeekInterview.com 11. Careercup.com
12. Freshershome.com 13. career.guru99.com
14. AllIndiaexams.in 15. Interviewcake.com
16. Programmerinterview.com 17. Crazyforcode.com


The above-listed websites hold both technical and aptitude and for all subjects, based on your interest practice on the respective websites.

For example, Indiabix.com got interview questions for both mechanical engineers and for computer science candidates and for all disciplines.

18.If you are the born intelligent then you can solve aptitude questions easily but people like me have to hustle to master it. I believe Practise makes a man perfect so I practiced and cleared few interviews.

I suggest you to buy R.S. Agarwal to practice aptitude this is one of the best books for beginners to understand and practice questions.

If you don’t understand by reading on the website or from the book. You can watch some YouTube videos that could help you to understand the concepts better.

Few of the popular YouTube channels are

19.Banking Careers 20.AK Agarwal Aptitude
21.Bank Gyan 22.Team Mast
23.Anil Nair Classes 24.Pretty Uzlain
25.Takshzila Shikshak 26.Aptitude Academy


27.Once you understood the basics of qualitative, quantitative and logical reasoning then practice every day till you get the job but not before the day of the interview.

But where to practice

interview tips


28.To help you know your position and knowledge on the above subjects few websites are conducting mock interview tests all you have to do is to sign up and start giving. They won’t share the info with any companies so you need not worry and try until you get right.

Few online mock test conductors

29. PracticeAptitudeTests.com 30. MycareerQuizzes
31. myinterviewsimulator.com 32. Pramp.com
33. Placementseason.com 34. pinterview.in
35. wiziq.com

If you are looking for lucrative jobs then immediately signup at interviewbit.com – Here you can practice and solve problems based on your ability you get a point and based on the points interviewbit will refer you to top recruiters.

interview tips


Once you are done with written test then you most of the companies go for group discussion here they are going to test your communication skill and leadership.

It’s an important phase you need to handle it carefully.

How to handle Group discussion? – Interview Tips

36.Most recruiters throw trending topics in their country for discussion. So you need to be on trend with what is happening around you daily.

Other than watching the news and reading dailies you can also use socialMedia platforms to find the trending news.

Few of the place where you can find trending news

37.Facebook right column 38.Quora
39.Google Trends 40.Twitter Left Column

There are a lot of places to find trending topics but these comes handy.

The above-listed websites list you daily trending topics all you have to do is to extract the core content and learn what is happening and what happened.

41.Keeping number and names related to specific news is advisable. Rather submitting plain statements when you add data in it more ears listen to you. But don’t the wrong one.

You can also generate a number of topics around a single keyword and use it for mock group discussions.

For example : Your interviewer is not going to say talk about “Digital World “  but rather in some complete sentences like “Pros and Cons of digital world” or “Is digital world possible?” here “Digital World is a keyword and you have to build a topic to gain more points during your real group discussion.

Few tools to create topics

interview tips


42.Content Idea Generator 43.Content Row
44.Portent 45.ContentIdeator
46.Inbound Now 47.BuzzSumo
48.SEO Pressor 49.Hubspot’s blog idea generator

The above-listed tools are commonly used by bloggers to generate an idea for their next post. But nothing wrong with you can also use it for generating group discussion ideas.

50.All you have to do is to enter the Keyword and generate some topics.

Communication skill is very important in Group discussion. In most of the countries, GD will be in English. To speak English confidently and grammatical error free you can make your basics stronger by watching YouTube videos or enrolling in spoken English courses.

51.You cannot speak common English here it has to be professional ,there are some online tools other than video tutorials, offline classes, and books to improve your grammar.

Here you can type a paragraph and find how many grammatical mistakes you are making and what is the right one.

interview tips


52. Polishmywriting.com 53. Grammarly.com
54. Ginger 55. Whitesmoke.com
56. Sentence Checker 57. GrammarBase
58. VirtualWritingTutor 59. Hemingway Editor
60. Slick Write 61. Paper Rater

Keeping your English grammar free is an added point but recently I have seen few recruiters allowing candidates to discuss in their national languages but not all companies.

Happened to me :During my interview they allowed us to discuss in Hindi (One of the India’s national Languages).

Being knowledgeable in your topic is not enough to crack GD but need to follow some unwritten protocols.

Tricks to crack Group Discussion- interview tips and tools

62.Remember one thing first you are not going for debate but going to discuss the given topic.

63.Candidates sit with you are not opponents, they are going to help you to get the job.

Most recruiters give you few minutes to prepare for the given topic say 10 minutes.

64.Don’t try to store all the points in your brain rather get a paper and pen ,put down your valuable hints related to your topic don’t think out of the box now.

65.Spend the 10 minutes carefully don’t waste by watching what others are doing or what your recruiters are discussing. Remember your GD already started it includes your preparation time also so be careful and spend it productively.

66.If you have done homework then you could gather points easily else it will be a little bit cumbersome for unprepared.

Once your recruiter says start,

67.Try to start first, initiating the conversation is always good rather than following.

68.But if anyone else started to stop discussing and listen to his point it’s not a debate show .If he has started let him complete and then put your point.

69.Try to appreciate your fellow candidate’s points .

70.If you feel that someone made a wrong point don’t against him openly rather say on a soft note. Recruiter won’t select you because you found a mistake but they will be impressed by the way how you are conveying.

71.Don’t deviate away from the topic always stick to what is given.

72.If you find anyone deviating tries to bring them back to the topic by discussing points related.

73.Don’t repeat the points what others already said. If you do that it means you are not listening to the conversation.

interview tips

Group discussion – Interview tips

74.Try to listen to what others are saying and nod your head to show that you are listening.

As said before discuss with some number and names or relate that topic to current happenings this will impress your recruiters.

75.Encourage others if you find anyone trying to speak but not getting a chance then request others to allow him to convey his point.

76.You need not keep on talking, your listening skills are also tested here so speak a valid three to four points at an interval gap and listen to others.

77.While speaking cover your team entirely ,eye contact is the must. Don’t look down or up or somewhere else.

78.If some points make you laugh don’t laugh try to control it, it is the greatest damage you are doing for yourself.

If you hear the word conclude from your recruiter.

79.Try to conclude the session by summing up the points discussed.

80.Again if someone started concluding let him complete don’t conclude again in your own version.

81.Thank the recruiters and fellow candidates for the wonderful discussion and leave the place.

Relax now your group discussion is over and all you have to think about is Final personal Interview.

But some companies go for Case studies instead of Group discussion.

It’s like they present you the case studies you have to read and should provide a viable solution to solve the scenario.

82.It’s not about providing the exact solution but all about how you understood the situation, what you learned, what is your approach, Are you thinking different from the crowd?

83.If it is a team work make sure you have given enough opportunity for them ,help them to contribute. Don’t try to dominate them.

You can refer some business case studies in the following websites

interview tips


84.BusinessCaseStudies.co.uk 85.CluteInstitute.com
86.Businesstoday.com 87.thecasecentre.org

Read case studies and learn how they managed and how they derived the solution.

Very few selected companies conduct Psychometric tests, mostly it goes with first written test but selected companies conduct it separately.

Here they test how you behave or think in ideal situations.

A scenario or question followed by four to five options, there is no right or wrong answer but based on your answer they rate you.

Many Popular industries follow Thomas test from Thomas International.

interview tips

Thomas international


Happened to me: We were supposed to get some good score in Thomas test to get sales profile in my organization, I gave and got into sales.

Most of the websites listed above are providing a mock online Psychometric test but reading few exclusive’s sites blog could help you to improve your thought process.

88.Mettl.com 89.thomasinternational.net
90.Psychpress.com 91.psychometric-success.com
92.Assessmentday.com 93.Centraltest.com
94.psychometricInstitute.co.uk 95.Careergym.com
96.Psychometrica.in 97.Revelian.com

98.Take a test once in two days it will really help you to understand yourself better.

Once you are done with these rounds you will go for the personal interview.

Depends on the organization you may attend two personal interviews technical and behavioral interviews.

To crack down the technical interviews you need to be strong in engineering or your course related basics. They will never ask you to explain the advanced technologies in your field of study.

99.You cannot master this in a single day. Read daily and improve your basic knowledge.

Where you can learn the basics of your study

100.Chegg.com 101.Toppr.com

But the best place to find the basic knowledge about science or math is lower grade books. Buy or lend books and start improving.

102.To crack the behavioral interviews you need to improve your presence of mind.

103.They throw a situation and test how you respond or react to the situation.

Reading others interview experience could help you to get a point what type of answer they expect and how you have to prepare for that.

You can read interview experience and some behavioral interview questions here

Interview tips


104. GeeksforGeeks.org 105. CampusInteraction.com
105. Glassdoor.co.in 106. AffairsCloud.com

You need to take care of yourself inside the room right from entering to leave the room.

107.A big No to enter the panel room without asking permission. Ask and then go.

Happened to me: When I asked permission they told me to wait for 5 minutes because they were discussing something seriously so ask and go.

108.Don’t sit until you hear it from your panel.

109.Handover the file to the member sits in the middle. Mostly chief recruiter sits in the middle even if you have given to someone they won’t mistake you. So need not worry.

Once they said to take you a seat.

110.Occupy the chair fully need not sit at the edge of the chair. Confident people sits on the full chair so show them you are confident enough.

111.Don’t restrict your physical surrounding you can use your hands wider while speaking but don’t overdo this. Avoid holding your hands.

112.Listen to their question carefully and then respond doesn’t react if you want time to think to ask them to need not to give a spontaneous wrong answer.

113.Feel confident and don’t look nervous, nothing going to happen if not this company better opportunities are waiting.

114.Be bold while delivering your answer whether it is right or not.

Maintain eye contact with your panel.

interview tips

Maintain an eye contact

115.They will try to irritate you, annoy you, stress you please be patient and have a control over the words you are using.

116.You need not give serious answers always ,coupling it with some mild fun is also entertained.

Especially for sales profile, organizations look for the take it easy guy rather than serious one because this profile undergoes lot of stress internally and externally means from inside and outside the organization so your attitude defines your role.

Once you are done with this, leave the room thanking the people with a smile on your face.

I would like to share an example : My friend during  campus interview  attended a European Company for sales profile. During the final personal interview, he was questioned.

Recruiter : What are all the Newton’s three laws?
My friend:  First law, second law and third law (They expected an explanation for three laws).

Recruiter: smiled.

And the interview continued….

Yes… yes… he got that job.

117.If you are a kind of person like this then you can crack a joke but handle it carefully and don’t create an artificial environment to crack your joke.

Obviously, before they finish it up they will ask you “Do you have any question?”

118.Play it smart you can avoid the option by saying No, or else bring the master here .Don’t ask in-depth technical questions like

What is your new car engine type? Else you can ask Already your company is manufacturing a sedan in what way the new differ from the old one.

Or something related to management like what is the reason for the recent changes in top level management? (Because mostly you get an exposure to Top level management than middle or bottom).

119.Don’t try to annoy interviewer with too many questions, one question is enough.

120.Please never ever ask them sir Am I selected? and don’t try to compel them, sir, I am very much interested in working in your company ,I am a hard worker and stuff like this.

121.You can be highly talented but they recruit only who fits their organization. If you are rejected it doesn’t mean you are not talented.

Here I can share you a story: A construction materials related industry went for a campus place in one of the oldest institutions and highly ranked campus in the state. They conducted written tests followed by Group discussion and final interview.

In the final interview, the chief recruiter asked everyone what’s your father? Everyone answered and finally they recruited a guy whose father is Tailor and he is from the middle class.

He thought he was selected because of his performance, he joined the organization and later he came to know they recruited him because he is from a middle-class family and won’t leave the organization soon.

Do you think recruiter wanted to bring him up in life? It’s a big No, that particular company got high attrition rate and tough to work. So they thought recruiting a middle-class guy from the top institution is a good idea because he is talented and doesn’t leave the company and do whatever the organization says.

But I can assure you not all the companies think like this. But they think deeply whether you fit in the organization or not, if you don’t fit in their organization something better is waiting for you.

A car manufacturing company made this statement open to everyone “  You can be highly talented but we recruit only who fits in our organization it doesn’t mean you are not talented”.

I can guess, what you are expecting next? You are waiting for how to discuss package, isn’t it?

122.If you are a fresher reading this, then you won’t get a chance to discuss package most, its predefined and conveyed to you.

But if you are experienced professional ,

Mostly company will give you 15-30% higher compared to the previous employment.This figure is decent and some employers make your mouth wide.

If you are not satisfied with the offered package you can  ask for 5% more company will consider for it and be ready to give justification .Asking more than 5% ,mostly they don’t accept.

I think you are traveling with me, don’t focus away whatever you are reading just imagine and live it. I got lot more stories and tips to share with you.

Now we can discuss how to format your resume.

123.Don’t believe in stereotype thought your resume has to be simple and professional, yes it has to be professional but you can bring your creativity here.

124.Try to take the color printout of your resume rather than boring black and white.

125.More than having the same resume for all the companies have customized one.

For example, A guy attending an IT company interview prepared his interview in PHP for example


$name = “Nizam”;

echo $name; ?>

[php snippet to print your name] I am not asking you to follow the same format but think out of the box you can print Linkedin profile page or to be more social you can design your resume like a Facebook timeline.

Tap your creativity to come up with your own design.

126.keep three to four customized resume on your hand ready every time.

If you are good in design you can design your own resume or download free resume templates and modify it.

Few places where you can get free resume templates

interview tips


127. cvmkr.com 128. resume.com
129. Resumegenius.com 130. livecareer.com
131. yourcvbuilder.com 132. visualcv.com
133. Paango.com 134. Uptowork.com
135. kickresume.com 136. Resumebeacon.com
137. cvease.com

[You will find templates for both CV and resume in the above-listed sites]

There are few Do’s and Don’ts in your resume.

138.A resume is only for you don’t make it for your entire family. Avoid information like father name, father’s occupation, mother’s name, and mother’s occupation. Tell about only yourself if interviewer interested on your family he will ask you in the personal interview.

139.Don’t exceed two pages if you are using Word you can tell everything in two pages irrespective of a number of achievements you made.

140.If you are designing your own try to put the content on a single page, for example, you can make two columns and display side by side.

[You can refer Marissa Mayer resume online, it looks clean and fits on a single page.]

141.Writing an objective for your resume is an added advantage. Not only resume there should be objective in all your actions. Writing objective could create a positive impact on you.

142.While talking about Education A. your school and college name B. Location of your school (city and state) C. Grade you scored D. Year of completion is mandatory don’t miss out this thing.

Quick Tip: Follow an order throughout the resume either ascending or descending order .For example, you can either list from School to college or from College back to school. Follow a pattern in listing your achievements (year wise), extra-curricular activities, your experience and responsibilities undertaken.

143.While listing out your achievements, responsibilities were undertaken and skills only list out top three in which you played the vital role and got some interesting stuff to share with them.

144.Taking certificates for your listed achievements with you is an added advantage.

If they ask about your contribution to what you listed under “Responsibilities undertaken”

145.Explain them clearly it can be a small role but while narrating use the word “us, we “than “me, I” showcase you as a team player.

Here I share an interesting fact you would love to hear from me.

A girl was asked to explain her college project during her campus interview. While she was explaining she used “We did the project? While we are doing? She used “We” than  “I “suddenly they stopped her and asked who is the one then she told them they are twins and both of them worked.

Suddenly they called her twin also interviewed and both got selected.

It’s a dream company for many and an e-commerce giant in this planet.

Show them your team work.

146.Mention your projects and write a two line definition about it and your role.

147.99% recruiters will ask you to tell about your project and your role. Though you are from mechanical department sitting for IT companies you will face this question.

148.If it is core companies your technical questions will be related to your project.

The idea behind is to test your contribution and the team work you have done.

Nowadays very few teams are doing their projects on their own but most of them outsource it.

149.Having a complete knowledge about your project is mandatory.

150.You can mention your pre-final year projects also but again have a knowledge and mention else don’t bring the damage.

151.Regarding projects you should know

A.The principle mechanism B. Purpose of the project C. How is your project useful for the society?

Mostly basic questions will be asked about your project.

152.While mentioning Academic interest mention subjects in which you know the fundamentals.

You need to alter your experience skills or interest based on the industry you are applying ,for example

153.If you are applying for sales profile write about your experience regarding sales or marketing .You can write about marketing role you played during the technical or cultural fest.

Don’t simply mention your title and event spend two lines to explain your role.

If you are applying for Management, in those two lines tell how you effectively coordinated with the team and managed your subordinates to run the fest smoothly.

154.Recruiters are no more interested in your hobbies so please avoid telling my hobbies are “ stamp collecting, photography etc., rather talk about your Extra-curricular activities you are doing.

155.When you talk about the software you know – Avoid mentioning basic stuff like MS Word, paint and MS Excel everyone knows this nowadays.

156.Whatever you mention in your resume have a complete knowledge about that particular activity or event. Mostly you will be questioned from your resume only.

Next, comes CV 

157.Curriculum Vitae (Course of life) is a detailed expansion of your achievements, projects, research, a paper you have published (if any) whereas a resume is a brief summary.

Most of the companies won’t ask for CV during your campus placement but if you are applying for any research-oriented company or for R and D position you may be asked to submit your CV.

Above listed websites host free CV templates also. Create your CV in chronological order.

158.If you have seen an advertisement for jobs or applying on online portals then you should write a cover letter to increase your opportunity.

Cover letter in addition to resume will highlight your profile .Nowadays most of the candidates are ignoring Cover letter well-written cover letter will insist recruiters call you.

In this case, I would say whenever I send resume with the cover letter I get a call from the company for sure but I tried some companies without cover letter but they didn’t call you(fewer chances).

Things you should do and don’t in Cover letter

159.You can’t send the same cover letter to all the companies you need to customize it. Tell them why they need to recruit you? How you fit in their organization? Tell them you are meeting the requirements mentioned by them in the ad if not explain to them why they need to recruit you in spite of that.

160.Make it on a single page and acknowledge the details furnished in your resume are true to your knowledge.

Writing Cover letter is one of the best ways to make your application stand out.

If you want break .Go refresh and come I wait for you…..

interview tips

Time for break


Done? Ok then ,you are reading one of the longest interview tips …continue reading…

Let’s talk about what do you wear for the interview.

You need not wear costly clothes and jewels for your interview ,being simple is the best .

You know one thing productive people wear the same dress (color or simple clothes) every day because rather than spending more time on choosing clothes they can spend their time and thinking in a productive way that’s the reason Why Steve Jobs always wore same black T-shirt and Mark Zuckerberg wearing the same color gray t-shirt.

I am not suggesting you to wear the T-shirts but keep it simple.


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What has to men wear for interview?

161.A light color shirt and a dark pant fit the most if your country has a culture of wearing a tie you can choose a complementary color to your shirt.

If you are wearing light color shirt choose a dark one vice versa.

162.Make sure your clothes are well washed and ironed, wrinkled clothes identify as irresponsible guy so don’t be irresponsible and make your clothes ready previous day.

163.Choose a belt color matching your shoe color for example if you are wearing a black color shoe wear a black belt and if you are wearing brown wear a brown belt.

Unmatched belt and shoe colors are not called formals.

164.Wearing shocks in a match with your trouser color is recommended. Please wash shocks or buy a fresh one and wear it for the interview.

interview tips

Dress like a boss

165.Don’t wear loose clothes it should be a perfect fit. if you don’t have a good one invest some money to buy a perfect fit and use it only for the interview.

166.Even wear a washed inners don’t think how they know, they won’t know but you know it wearing a washed clean clothes will give you a self-confidence than unwashed.

167.Use a clean handkerchief if you need any.

168.Polish your shoe and make it shine, a man’s character will be read from his shoe (English proverb).If you want a shining career shine your shoes first well.

169.Clean shave and zero nails on your fingers are mandatory to showcase you as a responsible and a clean one.

Dress Code for women

170.You can also wear formals shirt with full sleeve and a long knee skirt or any decent attire avoid t-shirts, jeans, floaters.

171.Don’t wear something flashy to attract recruiters.

172.Avoid too much makeup you are not going to attend a party or your relatives function.

173.You can wear jewels but limit it doesn’t allow it to make a sound, for example, you can avoid anklets and more bangles, sounds may disrupt the environment. And you will concentrate on not to make a sound.

174.Make sure you smell good but don’t overuse perfume on you.

You can also attract recruiters by dressing well. Just continue reading.

It was a two-day interview in the previous day they conducted three rounds and filtered few .One of the guys who got filtered noticed their organization uniform it was near to red color, fortunately, he was also having the same color so what he did you know? He followed the dress code like recruiters when they see him next day they were impressed and the history is he got selected.

He didn’t get the job only because he was wearing an outfit like them but the thinking and attitude. Concentrating on your outfits also help you to get a job.

These are the basic things you need to follow to crack the interview.

If you are studying in a good campus obviously you get a chance to attend interviews in your campus itself but if not what you do.

You may be a thought leader but you need a platform to showcase and a way to reach the recruiters. If you couldn’t send your resume to recruiters what is the purpose of designing and spending time on it?

So here we discuss the ways to find recruiters

175.I strongly recommend you to create your profile on LinkedIn. It is the best platform to connect with recruiters and professionals. Being active on LinkedIn appreciable than on other social Networks.

Let me give you few tips on how to improve your job opportunity on LinkedIn.

176.Make a post

You might have seen recruiters making post like this

Hey hi, we are recruiting fresh talents for new openings in London and Bangalore Like or comment on this post so we will view your profile later.

I am not asking you to like the post and wait for their review, only if the post got mail id send your resume to them else don’t like or comment its near spam.

Why don’t we try it in reverse? Yes we can make a post like this

Hi, I am graduated from X university with Y grade having core skills in Z functions , finding opportunities in Z related business if you have any vacant please review my profile .Friends please like my post to reach right people.

Hope you know how important it is to get likes on LinkedIn it’s more powerful than Facebook shares so request people to like your post.

Think different and improve your opportunity.

177.Hack an email address

If you find any HR making post on vacancy rather than simply liking or commenting on the post you can send your resume to their personal mail.

If you see any post like that just send a connection request to the respective user, once they accepted your request get their mail id and send your resume.

178.How to extract mail Id from LinkedIn?

Just follow the simple steps Go to Linkedin.com login to your account

Go to My network at the top then click connections on the next page you will find a gear icon at the right corner click the gear icon now you will land up on a page.

Under Advance settings click the link Export LinkedIn contacts, now download the file in the desired format .It contains first name, last name and email ids of your connections.


Send your application (resume + Cover letter) to the respective person and wait for the reply if they don’t reply then don’t send again and again leave them and approach through some other techniques.

179.Get endorsements and recommendations

Maintain a complete profile with precise information and more skills to your profile and request people to endorse your skills .Endorsements are also like recommendations but not in written form.

For example, if I know Digital marketing and if get more endorsements then my profile viewer say recruiter believes in my skill and get an idea about my knowledge on Digital marketing. But you can only endorse your first-degree connections.

Get a written recommendations this will really create a positive impact on your profile .You can get recommendations from your successful seniors, Immediate managers, Alumni, Professors, and colleagues.

More recommendations from high-profile people will help you to grab the opportunity.

180.Publish a post(article)

There is an option to publish your own writing on specific topics and it goes public to reach right people use appropriate tags.

For example, if you are looking for an opportunity in marketing publish a post with some creative ideas and with appropriate tags. Publish posts once in a week and then starts exploring opportunity this will really help you to stand out.

181.Follow your connections updates

Don’t ignore your connection’s updates like job change, position change, title change etc., it will help you. It will open up a way to get a job.

For example one of my connections changed his company from X to Y and I got a notification from LinkedIn that “D started working in Y wish him ….

That time I was trying an opportunity outside my present company so I dropped a message like this “ Congratulations ,I am looking for a new opportunity is there any more opening in your company in marketing “ He said yes then the conversation went and it ended up in salary negotiation with the company HR.

So if your connections are switching their job then you have two opportunities one where they worked and the second one in where they joined. So keep following your connections updates.

Spend more time on LinkedIn than other social medias, LinkedIn will help you to improve your knowledge in your respective field and gives you more information about the company you are applying for.

Not only LinkedIn there are few other professional networking sites are out there.

Few of the professional Networking sites are

182.MarkerBase 183.Xing
184.Beyond.com 185.Efactor

If you are interested in exploring you can create your account in one the above mentioned. But I strongly recommend you to build a strong profile on LinkedIn.

Other than LinkedIn and it’s niche portals you need to maintain an updated profile on job searching portals.

Believe me, these portals will help to connect you with recruiters. But your profile has to be complete .

Few of the well performing job aggregators

interview tips


187.monster.com 188.Indeed.com
189.Simplyhired.com 190.Timesjobs.com
191.jobsahead.com 192.Shine.com
193.Fresherworld.com 194.Headhonchos.com
195.Dice.com 196.Behance.com
197.Glassdoor.com 198.Careerbuilder.com


200.Theladders.com 201.CollegeRecruiter.com
202.Internships.com 203.jobinlogistics.com
204.culintro.com 205.efinancialcareers.com
206.jobsonthemenu.com 207.healthcarejobsite.com
208.Journalismjobs.com 209.SalesGravy.com
210.TalentZoo.com 211.edujobsindia.com

212Before you apply for any profile, spend some time with you (me time) ask what you want? Do you want a high paying job? Do you want a challenging job? Do you want to learn while working? What you want. Get suggestions from your seniors, professors, and professionals to know which profile will match your wants. Once you got a clear vision then start applying.

Being a fresher irrespective of anything you want a job that pays you a decent salary.

213.Starting your career at the right place is very important because changing the industry or stream after two to three years is nearly impossible, you can change but cannot expect future growth or good package.

Finding a right company is very important, don’t simply sit for the placement because they came to your campus or they listed openings on portals.

214.Attending pre-placement talk is mandatory there you can get an idea whether the particular company matches your desire. You need not change your career path for the sake of vacancy or opportunities.

215.The company won’t love you as a person but as an employee only if you bring money to them they like or else throw you away so don’t change your vision.

216.Analyze about their work culture ,if their work culture is good then you won’t find any difficulties inside the organization, look whether they have employment skill developing program, is there an opportunity for growth?

Think after two or three years can you move to other company with this experience?

217.The best place to know about the company work culture is your alumni working in the respective organization. They will definitely guide you in the right direction.

Don’t you know anyone in that organization? Don’t worry we have few platforms where past employees can share their views on their organization.

Few platforms where you can read review

Interview tips


Glassdoor.com 218.Linkedin.com
219.Vault.com 220.Hallway.com
221.Careerbliss.com Indeed.com
222.Fairygodboss.com 223.Trustpilot.com
224.kununu.com 225.greatplacetowork.in
226.insidelook.co 227.mouthshut.com

228.In the above-listed portals, you can find employee statements. Some portals also share their contacts you can call or mail them personally before you apply for the company.

229.Don’t apply because everyone is doing, you should grow along with your company.

230.You can also look for what perks companies are providing and you can discuss with them nothing wrong in that you are asking anything for free(nothing is free in this world) you are working and demanding.

Few things you should consider.

231.Look for work-life balance you are working to earn and live your life not living to work in a company. So find work-life balance.

Some companies especially start-ups make their employees work all seven days without physical and mental rest my personal suggestion doesn’t prefer those companies.

If you are personally passionate about start-ups then go and work you learn more than working in corporates.

232.Find do you need to sign bond papers and for how many years.

233.My personal suggestion on employee bond is if it is one year you can sign else think on it.

234.The reason behind bond is, companies are worried that after spending money and time to recruit and train the people they are not working here but moving onto some other organizations mostly competitors so get the Return on Investment they want their trained employees to work for them for certain period.

235.Even if you want to break the bond you can do by paying the money spent by your company to train you nothing much.

If a company is making two or three years bond it means their attrition rate is higher and it is not the suitable place to work.

236.Look for an organization that welcomes you without bond those companies, in general, having a good working culture, their attrition rate is low means employees love to work in the respective organization.

237.Ask the recruiter to clearly explain your role in the organization if you want you can request anyone from the department to explain the role.

Few companies say something during placement but the fact is another way round.

I know a guy from one of the top institutions in India he attended an interview at his campus and got selected for sales. During interview Company shown different face but later he joined they made him as a Field sales executive and he couldn’t leave the organization because he is in bond.

He was not interested and later after 1.5 years he made the company terminate him and found another job.

Can they blacklist you?

Again I am saying your first job is very important to launch your career.

These are the interview tips I wished to share with you if you find this article useful please share it.

Hope you enjoyed 201+ interview tips and tools

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