Improve one percentage everyday

If you have a goal to achieve then this is the post for you. This post may help you to improve today compared to yesterday. I am writing this out of my very own experience, for the last  three years I have started five ventures with different concepts but due to some reasons I gave up everything so I am putting the extract what I learnt from that.

If you are truly committed to your goal and work on it every day, your focus on getting better improves everyday “You will be better”.

I have tried so many things so far I work on it every day slowly and improve on it every day but the problem was “I gave up all my efforts over a period of time “.I was relaxed and lazy and my determination faded. If you have the same problem then you are seriously affected by the disease.

It’s not only you and me, everyone has a dream and fire which won’t make them sleep but as the time progress the intensity of the fire with in you goes off. But there are some people who burn till they achieve  it.

The reason you lose interest  on your passion is lack of motivation either you have to motivate yourself or you need a third person to motivate or remind your dream constantly.

Do you think that a man or women can work on something continuously till they are completely successful?

The answer is ,they are the people you are reading  in internet ,books or  your role models .They worked continuously and passionately to achieve their dream. There are lot of interesting stories in internet you might have read, I can remind you the Jack ma story  if you don’t know about him just google it.

improve one percentage everyday

If you are just starting to work on your goal don’t let the fire to off in the middle because of lack of motivation have your role model pic as your desktop or mobile wall paper and write your goal in piece of paper or write it in memo in your phone see it every day it won’t let your dreams to go down it is the proven method followed by the successful people.

The fear of failure also make you to stop in between and get back to normal life ,don’t doubt your skill or strength if you started doing something even if you fail finish the task and be a failure that gives you experience but if you give up in middle it is the real failure.

Prepare yourself for failing more than two times if you are starting something and have enough motivation as a booster.

Rapper Coolio wrote lyrics everyday for 17 years before he becomes famous.

If you are dreaming tonight don’t try to become what you want to become in the next day itself if you do that then you will fail. Instead of becoming the change next day work on your dream everyday to achieve your dream.

Shradha Sharma Your story founder started writing about entrepreneurs and after eight years she got fund but she didn’t quit in-between she worked continuously on her dream.

You cannot be a master in one day rather you can work on everyday 1% to become master in future. Psychology says if you practise anything for continuous 21 days it becomes habit for you and it retains and in 22nd day you will automatically do that stuff you need not to force your brain.

Everyday is important anything can happen on any day don’t give up your practise for any silly reason if you miss one day then the next day you have to work 2% so better utilize all the days effectively.

You can have a honeymoon period for few days to get to learn the basics and once you understood what you are doing then read 1% more than yesterday.

If you have some habits which could hinder your dream the decrease it 1% everyday so it becomes zero one day.

Increasing 1% means its not a mathematical figure it means improve daily to achieve your goal. You can start poorly but think of after 3 months think of after one year think of your improvement in one year because you worked 1% everyday.

If you are working on your dream all the best for future success .Don’t give up ,you can live an extraordinary life then why are you living an ordinary life.




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