Grooming tips for women

It’s not only applicable for men to groom himself well to appeal attractive to a girl but it is also a girl part to appeal attractive to boys. I am writing down some points on how a girl can groom herself.

  1. Keep your nails clean and short it’s not only for men to keep his nail clean but it also applicable for human race, dirty nails in hands and toes also a turn off for boys.
  2. Bath daily to keep yourself fresh, keep yourself away from bad odour scent your body but don’t bath in it.
  3. Don’t have pony tails, loose hair never fails to turn on a guy with good hair spray.
  4. Choose your outfit cleverly that suits your skin complexion and body type need not to be costly but the good one I can say you can wear like Mumbai girls they choose what suit for them. Select a light colour one if you are dark complexion or choose the dark colours if you are fair .
  5. Dress decently need not to exposure your body simply others are doing in metro cities, you know saree is sexier than anything be wise in choosing your dress.
  6. Don’t oil your hair when you are hanging out, an oiled head is a turn off.
  7. Don’t play with your face don’t apply whatever you have in your house make sure it is simple too much of makeup is good for nothing.
  8. Use light colour lipsticks or lip gloss to appeal attractive avoid red, orange and dark blue colours .
  9. 9.If you are comfortable with heels go with flat one heels make you feel good if you have attractive butt.
  10. Focus on your ornaments, don’t wear it like bridegroom being simple gives you rich look than putting up all your costly ornaments.
  11. Though you wear dark colour pants during period you need not show in your face, it’s just an another day boys can easily find you are in menstruation cycle by seeing your activity.
  12. Having two eye brows is better than one make sure you keep your eye brow trimmed well.
  13. Use kajol only if it suits you don’t wear it because you have dark circles.
  14. If you have hair like moustache it’s a big turn off just trim it or save some money to laser it.
  15. Make sure you breathe with good smell brush twice to avoid bad odour.
  16. If you are wearing sleeveless make sure you are having clean armpit.
  17. Prefer light deodorant don’t make a strong one to spoil your environment.
  18. A confident girl is sexier than anything be confident in all your actions.
  19. Need not to speak in English to auto walas and rickshaw walas be proud to use your mother tongue.

I just jutted above some points you can also add some points in the comment section.I do add it if it is worth.



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