Grooming tips for men

If you want to appeal attractive to women then you have to work on your body as well as on outfit to attract her. Some interesting points are jotted down here.

  1. Don’t shave your chest hair that gives you naked look girls can easily find that you have shaved it ,some girls like your chest hair ,shaved chest can be a big turn off.
  2. Keep your nails clean and short don’t keep your nails as a house of dirt. Clean it regularly.
  3. Keep your mouth smells good use mouth fresheners to breath it good.
  4. Stubble on face is sexy and a big turn on for many girls.
  5. If your hair grows grey let it be don’t try to dye it ,girls also get attracted to grey hair.
  6. If you have dandruff treat it immediately dandruffed head is good for nothing.
  7. Bath daily and try to smell good need not to be smell in a costly scent but not with bad odour.
  8. Don’t pick your nose in public clean it when you bath in morning.
  9. Avoid too much of cologne, don’t bath in it ,it won’t make the environment pleasant.
  10. Be healthy and fit ,exercise regularly to maintain good physique don’t be overweight with belly.
  11. Don’t wear too many accessorise like bride in an arranged marriage.
  12. Choose your outfit as a grown one don’t behave like a silly guy in selecting your dress.
  13. Brush your teeth twice and take care of it ,smile proudly .
  14. Shave your underarm hair, overall keep all your hair under control visit saloon regularly to maintain your look.
  15. Wash your dress regularly don’t wear dirty dress and shocks do it amidst your busy schedule.

These are some of tips which could make you an attractive figure before women.If you are woman you can suggest some points to groom your man better in comment section if it is valuable I do make the list lengthy.



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