How to become online tutor?

If you are skilled then don’t fill up your resume and start applying for jobs on job searching portal. Rather than using your skill to improve X company why don’t you sell your skills to live an independent stress-free life? Becoming a tutor is no more difficult innovative technologies made everything simple.

For example, if you are a master in Karate or Chess you can create a brand simply. All you have to do is to name your class ex“Jackie Karate Group” make handouts and distribute in your locale limit yourself to the budget try to get initially 5-10 students then by word of mouth marketing they bring your more enrolments.

You can also associate with schools and colleges to teach the skill to the students by sharing the commission with the institution by doing this you can grow fast.

Later rope in masters from different arts club together and establish a school for self-defence. Not only self-defence any concepts can be scaled.

On the other hand, if you are planning to be an online tutor it’s great. As per Udemy an average tutor earns $7000 from his/her course but few people make very less than what you think. It’s all about your quality of the content and the domain you are choosing .You need to invest more time to create quality content.

If you are teaching any computer languages or software you can use screen recording software like Camtasia, ezvid, Camstudio, Screenr, Bluberry, Movavi, srecorder, deskshare, wondershare, snagit, Icecream screen recorder, Active presenter, Jing, Webinaria, Rylstim.

If you have any queries on your subjects you can also clarify by accessing to free online selected courses in the following platforms.

These free courses will help you to enhance your skill.

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Where to sell the course?

Once you are done with the course get a suggestion from your friends and experts around to get a feedback and rework to improve the footage.

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Are you done with rework? Now you need to publish the course but where?
Few online platforms are allowing you to publish your E-courses free and share a commission on sale like,,, you to create, sell and market Ecourse),,,,,,

Signup in any one of the platforms, fix the commission, publish and market the course to generate revenue.

Avoid publishing the content on Youtube, you need more effort to make huge money from Youtube.

Apart from selling courses online you can also approach schools and colleges to share the video with the students on a certain amount.

Competition to become online tutor

A lot of tutors are publishing contents on Youtube for free from the same niche. But on the other hand premium course instructors are earning more than free Youtube publishers it’s all about the content and the quality of delivery the more you work the more result you get.

Selecting the niche is also equally important to generate more income. For example millions of videos are available on HTML and very fewer videos on Big data analytics so by updating and instructing new technologies the possibility of rising your income is more.

I don’t have any skill to become online tutor
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Do you think you don’t have any special skills to sell? If you are reading this book then you are passionate about money making and establishing your own business which means you have an entrepreneurial skill .You can make money from its simple, find some skilled people make a video, pay them some money own the copyrights of the footages and start selling under your brand name.

Either you can have full control over the course or share the revenue with the tutors. By adding more courses you can establish your own learning school.

Benefits: Improve your skill in your respective domain from world’s best tutors.

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