Become Alpha user to make money online

Alpha user is an online user whose SNP (Social Networking Potential) is higher than the common user. Higher SNP means whenever you post or circulate messages in your online platform it gets more engagements than the common man circulating a messages.

You may get less likes and shares when you post a pic with dog than a cute girl posting her pic with her dog so her SNP is higher than yours it’s not only likes and shares it’s all about you are influencing your audience through your messages level of faith on your words are higher.

In marketing people with high SNP are called alpha users who will be paid for circulating product awareness to his/her followers. So by becoming alpha user you can make money online but it needs lot of patience and efforts. Here we are listing out few ways to become alpha user.

  1. Choose your niche to become alpha user

Choosing a selective domain is advisable rather than being in wide genre for example if you are a book lover read more books and keep on writing review in social Medias, post with cool pictures of you while engaging in reading or with books. Need not to write a paragraph everyday just two to three lines .It’s not only about books you can choose your own domain.

  1. Motivate your followers

The purpose of writing messages is to motivate your followers to do the same or try to inculcate the habit of reading through your messages. A simple messages cannot motivate others just post some inspiring stories you have heard or read from books tell them how it can help them to be successful.

  1. Use all platforms

Don’t restrict yourself with Facebook only spread your messages and increase your followers in twitter, google plus, Pinterest, Quora and Instagram almost wherever you are .The content is going to be same but don’t fail to make your presence everywhere. Pinterest got more female users than male so if you want to influence ladies you can post many there.

  1. Maintain consistency

Don’t do it for one month and give up it is hard to make others to follow you in this digital world everyone wants to become leader so it takes time for you to achieve the result but don’t give up keep on writing and maintain the consistency .Need not to post everyday but if you are posting once in a week on Friday maintain the same all the time because you are free on Saturday and Sunday don’t make tons of post in a single day.

  1. Get business

By this time business people would have noticed you if not start approaching emerging Startups from your niche tell them you are interested to promote their products to support your statement you can submit your insights report to them initially demand few pennies later you can grow big.

If none of the businesses are interested then you can become affiliate marketer to sell the products to your followers but don’t make it open if they found you are using them for your benefit then they may move away from you just follow stealth marketing which means your audience should not know you are selling for your profit rather than you are caring for them.

For example if you are writing about books then you can join as an affiliate in Amazon, ebay and Flipakart get the link for respective books and post it along the flow of the text .

So by becoming alpha user you can make money online from your home which is a dream job for everyone.

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