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Bulk Zippers Can Save You a Huge Amount of Money

If you are in need of zippers and want to save money, you should buy bulk zippers via ZipperShipper.com website. But, before everything else, it would be wise to know the things you must keep in mind before you decide to buy. Some of these include the following:

  • Kind of Zippers to Buy

When searching for zippers, you must know what kind of zippers you must buy. During these days, there are several kinds of zippers, nylon coil, plastic molded, luxury zippers or brass metal ones. If you have determined what zipper type you should buy, the buying process does not stop there. The next thing to consider is the zipper’s gauge.

  • Zipper’s Gauge

It is known as the zipper teeth’s size. As the number of gauge increases, the teeth’s size will definitely suit. A good way for you to have a clue about what gauge to use is through measuring the zipper teeth’s width with closed zippers in millimeters.

Bulk Zippers ZipperShipper
Bulk Zippers ZipperShipper
  • Zipper’s Style

It basically refers to the function of the zipper. More often than not, the most common are separating bottoms, which is the same to jacket zippers. Closed bottoms are somewhat similar to pants closures.

  • Color of the Tape

When you’re referring to tape, it is actually the fabric, which teeth are attached to. Other factories have a color book where clients can choose from. Often times, they have also available custom colors for those who want something unique.

  • Chain Length

If you are purchasing zippers by bulk, you’ll need to select if you like to buy cut lengths or long chain form. Typically, the long chain form is on roll and in yards. The cut lengths are the needed zippers’ lengths. Make sure to choose the right length to avoid other inconveniences.

It doesn’t matter what zippers you need. No matter how big or small your project is, the best supplier you should rely on is ZipperShipper.