How to find the best content writers in Chennai?

Actually, why do you need to find the best content Writers to promote your brand? Is it that much important? Yes. Data says, 93% of buying journey starts searching online and 71% of buyers prefer to buy from the business which provides the solution, not the sales pitch.

To appear as a thought leader content marketing is one of the best cheap solutions available for small business to gain the customer loyalty.

If you are a bootstrapped business you may think why do I need the best content writers, why can’t I? Continue reading to know why.

Reading online is different from reading for pleasure”, in online people look for specific content what they are searching for. Only 20% of the content is read and remaining 80% is skimmed.

Online readers need a different treatment than pleasure readers. To give a special treatment we need an expert in the field. To be an expert or to find an expert we need to know something and the importance of the field.

You might have come across the popular saying, “How do you recruit people for the job if you have never done the job before”. So this post is created with an agenda of helping small business owners to find best content writers in Chennai not to notify where to find them.

Content marketing has become the critical online marketing strategy for any brands to tell their stories. Specifically, online content marketing has become the vital tool for small business owners to communicate with their audience.

Big brands with big pocket look for branding so they prefer outbound content marketing like newspaper advertisements, hoardings, and Television commercials their idea is to generate both brand visibility and leads whereas the small business owners need leads to run their business not branding.

Because it is cost effective and easy to operate bootstrapped businesses are completely relied on online content marketing strategy.

Content can be in any form images, videos, text, infographic, etc., a media file you create to tell your story is content.

Based on your vision and mission you need to choose the right medium to tell your story. Ideally, I would suggest making use of all the formats to cover your dispersed audience.

After reading many articles and visualizing the success rates of the blog start-ups started adopting blogging as a vital way to promote their content. Thanks to WordPress.

Blogging is chosen to secure a rank in the search page result for a selected keyword. But in 20xx you cannot say that your audience is searching only on Google, nowadays people started searching on Youtube as the second largest search engine. Searchers using exactly the same phrase to search on Youtube and willing to learn visually. Why don’t you make a Youtube channel?

It’s not only Google SRP and Youtube other social media platforms are also equally important to cover up the targeted eyeballs like Slideshare, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and many.

Both Slideshare and Pinterest are the under-estimated marketing tool by Indian digital marketers. Actually the lifetime of your content on Pinterest is higher than any other medium which means the higher ROI.

If you are willing to open a Pinterest business account then this small ebook “Pin on Pinterest” where the importance of Pinterest, Aiding tools, Tips and Tricks are discussed with examples will be helpful for you.

Ideally, I would suggest you to have a presence in all the media at least it helps in getting your business index in search result page. By default Pinterest boards, Slideshare presentation, Facebook Pages are indexed by Google for the keywords related to your business.

Below is the most famous social networking sites worldwide rankedby active users (in millions) by Statista.

most popular social network sites

The motto behind the creation of any online content is to make people share your content so that you get the maximum out of it. But to make the content shareable it has to address your customer’s grievances or satisfies their expectation or funny or educating.

As I mentioned earlier online readers are different from pleasure readers they need a different treatment from a different master.

Many saas companies understood the importance of content writers so they started a separate editorial team to write and community managers to manage the account.

If you are a small business owner you might have already worn hats with multiple feathers, please don’t add one more feather to your hat. Find the best content writers or hire an agency.

When it comes to finding freelancers or agencies for any job, commonly we will go through their portfolio and testimonials.

But here in this post, we discuss the traits of best content writers so that you can find the best content writers in Chennai, it’s not about where to find.

Traits of the best content writers

1.”Readers don’t mind how your vocabulary is” You might have read some articles in the newspaper or in online blogs which you cannot understand the sentence without the help of a dictionary. Referring the dictionary frequently will spoil the mood of reading the passage.

Actually using tough words never going to boost your brand image or it solves the idea of content creation.

Research says your content should be as simple as the 11th-grade student should able to read and understand the business communication.

It is the content writer’s mindset that using complex sentences will give them elite stature though it is, the best content writers try to communicate it in a simple language.

2. Best content writers know SEO, you are hiring them to write for the web. The return on investment of your content will be higher when it is crafted with SEO.

SEO people will look for one related keyword and design the content around the specific keyword, though it doesn’t reflect on your search traffic immediately, in the long run, it will effect.

Having a long-term plan in the mind is very important in any investment you make, believe me, content writers with SEO knowledge can deliver that.

SEO is vast and SEO content optimization is just a leaf. I am not an SEO expert but super strong in optimizing a content that’s the reason many of my articles hit Google first page for many competitive keywords which ultimately brings me more business through sponsored content.

3.Subject knowledge of the content writers, they may be good in picking and organizing the right words to make the content readable but if your content fails to educate the audience then you will lose the chances of being a thought leader.

For example, if you are a real estate company you need the best content writers with in-depth real estate knowledge, only then you can top the game.

Listening to what is happening on the internet is important to adhere to the trend.

Tips for Successful content marketing  

 1.Measure the effort

It’s not only content marketing in any marketing you need to define the purpose, measure the effort and evaluate it.

best content writers in chennai

Check whether your contents are yielding the best result as per your definition.

2.Plan for Long-term

Always have a longer vision in your marketing plans that too especially in content marketing.

For example, if you are looking for best content writers to curate a content for your blog, this content will take many months to yield the result but you have to wait patiently.

3. Enjoy doing content marketing

Don’t push yourself and invest in content marketing because your competitors are doing just enjoy the pleasure of educating your audience through the piece of content.

The reader may not be your immediate client but for sure in future.

4.Engage with individuals on their own terms

Don’t create content for what you want to say create content for what your consumers want to hear or read.

Don’t copy the message from your competitors create content based on the interaction with real buyers.

5.Be channel specific

You cannot share the same content on all the platforms. Each platform need different treatments, a blogging content needs to be detailed and one-stop solution for what your customers are searching for.

A social media post should be crisp and address the current trend in your business.

Be specific for what you are creating.

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5 ways how a content writer can boost your startup.

  1. Your new business is a drop in the ocean – Yes! It’s true, for every new business and start-up. The World on the web is too big and your chances of getting found become very low if your web content is not optimized with relevant keywords. The faster the audience finds you the faster you can convert them into your loyal customers and here comes the role of a content writer, a content writer understand the need and type of your business and writes your web content accordingly, thus saturating it with enough keywords to enhance its visibility.


  1. The world is lazy — Of course, nobody wants to read your whole page it’s the keywords which attract users and those keywords can be framed in a few short lines. A webpage filled with heavy contents is always undesirable and unattractive and trust me nobody would like to read it. Then, how would you sell your products? You can. Tell your content writer about your product and area of service, let him do all the research and accumulate exact keywords, this way he will optimize the content and structure it in such a way that it strikes its intended users.


  1. Are you perfect – As much as it is true about anything it is true about content writing too. Getting help is always good, one person can’t write it all and so it’s extremely beneficial to opt for a content writing service like, where you can get expert content writers for all your desired domains.


  1. Time is money- This one is the soul of any business, your time is your money. The more time you invest in expanding your business the higher the chances of your success becomes. You can’t waste your precious time writing and editing content again and again when you can get a content writing service in minutes and have your things done quickly.


  1. It’s a super saver deal – A content writing package is all you need for your new and existing venture. Find a best content writing service provider, explain them your product line, sit back and let them do all that tedious writing work for you.


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Top 11 Tips for Healthier Sleep Habits

Sleep issues creep up on people at different points of their lives. When I was in college, I couldn’t stay asleep in bed for more nights then I’d like to admit. The problem was so persistent that it drastically impacted my studies. Research shows that long-term sleep deprivation causes serious health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. After seeking medical help, it was evident that poor sleeping habits was one of the contributing factors to my challenges getting quality sleep. As a result, I decided to put together a list of Top 11 Tips for Healthier Sleep Habits

#1. Find time to relax

Scientists attribute stress to most of the sleeping disorders around the world. I usually relieve stress by reading a novel, taking a warm bath, or listening to soft music before going to bed. Moreover, I could write a to-do list before going to bed to free my mind of worrying about tomorrow’s list of things to do.

#2. Develop a sleep routine

Having a regular sleeping and waking time contribute to healthy sleep. In the past, I could watch a movie till late in the night before going to bed. This was the primary cause of the sleeping problems. Nowadays, I sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 5 AM every day. I recommend finding a time that works best for you and stick to it.

#3. Avoid electronic gadgets

Smartphones, TVs, computers and other electronic gadgets are known to interfere with sleep quality. They have bright screens and radio waves that make sleep very difficult. The blue light from these devices suppresses a sleep hormone known as melatonin. Therefore, it is best practice to stop using the electronic devices at least one hour before sleep. Nowadays, I get a peaceful sleep after adopting a routine of switching off technology gadgets by 9 PM.

#4. Make your bedroom comfortable

Equip your bedroom with comfortable bedding and temperature control systems. Studies have shown that bedrooms with pale colors can contribute to better sleep. Additionally, pleasant smells such as geranium and lavender provide a soothing setting for sleep.

#5. Don’t stay awake watching the clock

In the past, I had a habit of watching the clock regularly in the night. This causes a lot of anxiety that can hamper your sleep. The remedy is to focus on calm thoughts rather than turning around to look at the clock after every few minutes. When I need an alarm, I usually turn the clock around to prevent seeing the time.

#6. Foods for sleep

Studies show that healthy foods improve sleep significantly. Foods that are beneficial for healthy sleep include chicken, milk, pumpkin seeds and turkey. These foods contain chemicals known as serotonin and tryptophan. These chemicals stimulate the release of melatonin, which promotes sleep. Moreover, I am always keen on eating a well-balanced diet with lots of veggies and fruits.

#7. Avoid certain foods

Poor sleep can creep up if you consume alcohol, spicy foods, and large meals few hours before bedtime. Also, coffee late in the afternoon affects sleep. In this case, I usually take caffeinated drinks early in the day to avoid interfering with the night sleep. Also, I avoid sugary foods before going to bed. Sugars found in these foods lead to energy spikes that can hamper your sleep. Studies have shown that people who have problems sleeping tend to eat junk foods the day prior. This habit creates a cycle of bad diet and poor sleep, so you should avoid sugary foods at all cost.

#8. Switch off lights

I have also found that darkness promotes good sleep. People sleep when it is dark and wake up in the morning when the sun rises. Alternatively, I use dimmer lights to reduce the light intensity in the bedroom. Therefore, you should also consider buying inexpensive lamps that come with a dimmer switch. Also, I recommend considering the use of heavy curtains if street lights penetrate your bedroom. I live near the street, so I invested in blackout blinds to prevent street lights from entering my bedroom.

#9. Keeping Fit Helps with Sleep Quality

A great way to keep fit is by engaging in physical activities. Exercise boosts not only your sleep, but also your overall body health. I usually engage in a 30-minute workout daily, and the benefits are amazing. Some individuals find it hard to sleep if they engage in physical activity a few hours before bedtime. Overall, you will get better sleep if you exercise daily.

#10. Spend the right time in bed

To get a good sleep every night you should aim to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep consistently on a daily basis. However, the number of hours varies greatly depending on an individual. Everyone’s phenotype is different, but typically spending more than 9 hours in bed can lead to a poor sleeping habit for the average person. I usually sleep for about seven hours and have found it helpful. People who take hours to fall asleep may go to bed later to avoid spending much time on the bed.

#11. Focus on the sleep quality

Many people focus on the amount of time spent sleeping rather than the sleep quality they are receiving. Research shows that there are five stages of sleep, each with its significance. In short summary, there are iterative phases before reaching deep sleep. So even disruptions like getting up to go to the toilet in the middle of your sleep can make you fail to complete all stages. In this case, you should avoid taking too much liquid just before bedtime and regulating the timing of when dinner is had. To help with sleep quality, it helps to have a nice pillow that can keep the heat down and comfort levels high. Check out our guide to best cooling mattress pad to see our mattress pad break downs or Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers to see our pillow break downs.


Many people around the world have sleep-related problems. It leads to poor health and low productivity in the workplace. Most of the people fail to get healthy sleep because of the poor lifestyle habits. I had a sleeping problem in the past until I decided to change my sleep habits.

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MHT CET 2018 Difficulty Level in Class with JEE Main Here’s how

The Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra, the conducting body of MHT CET exam has planned to raise the level of questions to be at par with JEE. Changes have been brought by working on the exam pattern and weightage. Through MHT-CET, one can take admission in various Engineering, Pharmacy, Technology and Agricultural courses.

On the other hand, the Joint Entrance Examination or JEE is one of the most sought-after exams in the country. Around 12 lakh students appeared for the exam in 2017 and the count is rising with every successive year. JEE Main 2018 scheduled for April invited 11.5 lakh applications.

As mentioned above, certain changes have been brought by DTE to work upon the level of MHT CET, preferably it must be brought in lines with JEE. Given below are the details of the changes brought to the examination so as to compete with JEE.

  • No segregation of class XI and XII syllabus
  • Every section of the exam will have same number if questions (50 per section)
  • From the total number of questions (50), 10 will belong to class XI while rest of the 40 questions be based on the syllabus of class XII
  • Questions will strictly be application-based

How MHT CET and JEE differ?

MHT-CET tests for the bookish knowledge of candidates. So, preparing for boards leave you more or less prepared for MHT-CET. Most questions in the exam do not expect you to apply the concepts, and require you to know only the facts.

On the other hand, JEE puts lesser emphasis on bookish knowledge. There are fewer questions that require you to know only the concepts, and a larger fraction of the questions require little bit of application. Typically, we can conclude that an above-average student would require about a month to prepare for the test.

To understand the difficulty level of MHT CET and JEE, paper analysis of the both the exams from previous year trends is required. Given below is the paper analysis of both the exams to understand the difference in level of exam.

MHT CET 2017 Paper Analysis

MHT CET was held on May 11, 2017. Around 3,89,520 candidates appeared for the exam. Paper I comprised of Biology with 100 questions (Zoology (50) and Botany (50)). Paper II comprised of Physics and Chemistry with 50 questions each. The exams were conducted in 3 languages – English, Marathi and Urdu and is was moderately difficult. While Paper III comprised of Mathematics with 50 questions was conducted in English only.

The Physics section was tough as compared to previous year. The questions were twisted. This section was more of numerical based which took quite a considerable amount of time.

Chemistry section was thought to be the easiest. In whole paper, there were only 2 numerical based questions. They were easy and saved lot of time. Thereby, balancing the time factor between Physics and Chemistry.

The last section constituted of Mathematics. Candidates surprisingly found the paper easy but quite lengthy. Anyone who knows shortcuts to various concepts would have taken the advantage of the paper.

Biology section maintained a balance between the difficulty level and time allotted. The questions were not so difficult. In this paper, more questions belonged to genetics and plant physiology but anyone who must have prepared botany well could score more than others.

JEE 2017 Paper Analysis

Paper I

The Paper I was conducted between April 2 – 9, 2017. Around, whopping 12 lakh students appeared for the exam. Physics section was moderately difficult and the questions were formula-based.

Considering Chemistry, it was slightly tough in comparison to the previous year. Exam was more conceptual and calculation based.

Mathematics was surprisingly easy as this subject is supposed to be the toughest by aspirants. It was more of concept based, so anyone strong with concepts and its application would have done wonders in the exam.

Paper II

Physics reflects the same pattern as it was in Paper I. It was moderately difficult. Questions were concept based. Chemistry was easy just like the Paper I and previous year. More questions were formula based. However, Mathematics was tough as compared to other 2 sections. But, the level of section was easy when compared to previous year.

The above given paper analysis of both the exams shows the level of difficulty faced by candidates. The overall difficulty level if compared will favor JEE. The exam may not only lie with making the questions difficult, it is all about how well you understand the concepts. How to test conceptual understanding of the candidates is the ultimate challenge. The level of JEE has always been appreciated as it inducts best-in-class candidates for future run and thus, DTE, Maharashtra wants MHT CET to be in line with JEE.

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Top YouTube Channels to Enhance Your NEET preparation

Top YouTube Channels to Enhance Your NEET preparation

With technology touching every aspect of human life, we can already witness a gradual shift from archaic classroom education system to a more flexible and easily accessible one; from traditional book to brain approach.

The ease and flexibility facilitated by YouTube makes students reach out to it for free assistance for various competitive exams, such as NEET. It imparts the same content in an engaging and instructive manner to the students and provides an easy access to a world of knowledge at a single platform.

Fun Fact: YouTube is available in 76 different languages, which covers 95% of the total internet population, thus bridging the gap between learning and language.

Below are a few prominent YouTube channels you can follow to enhance your NEET preparation.

Khan Academy

This channel was introduced in 2006 and aims at providing quality education to students who can not avail the desired resources in order to prepare for the exam.

Over 29 lakh people have subscribed to the channel. Subscribers avail benefits of practice exercises, instructional videos and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers them to learn at their own pace. The idea is to provide a classroom in the comfort of home to those willing to learn.

The channel specializes in science, mathematics, computer programming, history, art history, and economics. The content is user-friendly and is translated into more than 36 languages for its subscribers.


Exam Fear

This YouTube channel aims at providing free quality education to its subscribers. Commenced in 2011, the channel consists of over 5000 videos covering various lessons on Physics, Mathematics, Biology, & Chemistry. Candidates benefit from the in-depth explanation of concepts & useful tricks provided to them.

‘Exam Fear’ is one of the most popular destinations for your NEET preparation and has almost 2 Lakh subscriptions under its name.


Askash iTutor

This e-learning platform has almost 63,000 subscribers and largely comprises of videos of Aakash classroom programs for those who are not able to study at the institute. Started in 2012, the channel covers the following aspects.


  • Video Lectures from the faculty of Aakash Institute.
  • High-quality e-Books.
  • Assessments, Quizzes and the Flagship AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series).

Apart from a YouTube channel, the institute also has their own Android app providing quality educational videos on Physics, Chemistry & Biology to help the candidates prepare for the exam.

Mlearning India

About 66,000 of its subscribers avail the benefits of learning from some of the most renowned teachers and lecturers. The videos are uploaded to external/internal hard disk and are compatible with all major Operating Systems.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics videos are some of its main subjects. Videos are available in both English and Hindi languages. Students preparing for NEET, JEE, school and board examinations can learn from this channel.

Etoos Education

Commenced in 2013, the channel focuses on smart learning in a budget. The channel has a subscription base of more than 64,000 and aims at providing the students to learn by using latest educational tools and software.

Some of the most innovative online tools to help students learn and prepare for the exam have been developed by the channel. Students can prepare for competitive exams such as NEET, JEE, and CBSE examinations anytime at their own convenience, given they have an internet connection.

If you know any other good channels for the benefit of future doctors please comment down.

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KVPY: How will it Benefit the Research Enthusiasts

The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana ( KVPY ) exam acts like talent scout for the most talented researchers in the field of Basic Sciences and is a promising scholarship opportunity for the same. This exam is to secure admissions and reserve seats in prominent educational institutions. The main aim of Kishore Vaigynaik Protsahan Yojana exam is to inspire and encourage students to excel in research fields in Basic Sciences and avail monthly scholarships and yearly grants for the same.

Access to premier laboratories, world class libraries of top universities and National laboratories are other added benefits. So, if you are aspiring for a research-oriented career in Basic Sciences or even Medicine or Engineering, then apply for KVPY.


Initiated in 1999, Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is a National Program of Fellowship in Basic Sciences and funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) also holds share in administering this exam.

This scholarship exam selects and promotes extremely talented budding research students in field of Basic Sciences. Being a national level exam, students from all over India apply for it. All those who pass KVPY gain scholarships and contingency funds or grants up to Pre-PH.D level, depending upon their academic qualifications.

Students studying in Class 11 and 12, or any first year graduation course in Basic Sciences such as B.Sc., B.S., B.Stat., B.Math., Int. M.Sc. and M.S. with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects and having an aptitude for scientific research can apply.

A student has 3 exam streams or levels to choose from to write the exam. They are Stream SA, SX and SB. This choice is exercised by students based on their academic qualification at the time of applying for the exam.

The next step is writing the Aptitude test, which determines the analytical aptitude of a student. It is a 3 hours duration test, in the multiple choice format and conducted in both Hindi and English medium for 100 marks.
The selection process to KVPY fellowship is looked into by the Indian Institute of Sciences, where they scrutinize applications of eligible students and conducts the Aptitude test on a given date across various centers in India. Shortlisted students are then called in for the interview round, based on their performance in the Aptitude test. These two steps are followed by the preparation of an all India merit rank list. The rank lists are separate for Class 11, 12 and 1st year graduation students.

Scholarship amounts are awarded to students based on this merit list which combines both aptitude test and interview marks.

The students receive scholarship amount of INR 5000 per month from first year to third year students (B.Sc. /B.S. / B. Stat. / B. Math. / Integrated M.Sc. /M.S.). There is also an annual contingency grant of INR 20,000 in these three years. After the third year,  the scholarship amount is increased to INR 7000 per month and INR 28,000 for annual contingency grant for the subsequent years of study ( 4th year of M. Sc. or 5th year of Integrated M.Sc. /M.S./M. Math. /M. Stat.).

Qualifying KVPY is important for the most passionate researchers in the field of Basic Sciences.  The major reasons to apply and try out this opportunity are five-fold, mainly:

Gaining the Edge

Firstly, gaining a KVPY scholarship gives any student a serious and tough competitive edge over others in the same field. It gives away a clear sign of research aptitude by any qualified KVPY student and they stand out easily. It also opens the door to technology related researches in Science domains.

Faster Routes to Admissions and Jobs

Being a qualified KVPY student also doubles the chances of direct admissions into top premier educational institutes such as IISc Bangalore and various IISERs in India. Students can opt for the Bachelor of Science or Integrated Master of Science programs.

IISER Pune reserves 25% seats for KVPY qualified students. Students gain extra credit points for their KVPY ranks for B.Tech admissions at IIIT Delhi. And at IIIT Hyderabad, passing KVPY is apparently the eligibility criteria for selection into B.Tech. and M.S. programs.

With regard to job and study opportunities abroad, being KVPY qualified only makes it easier.  Research scholars are in great demand in foreign countries as this tag lends extra credibility to their individual findings and the work carried out by them in respective research areas.

Research Experiences

The research experience for a student under KVPY scholarship is often diverse and unique. They get to work and study with scientists, thereby increasing their knowledge in specific project areas. This experience can be a confidence booster for most students who work in their own independent research projects, which is a necessary requisite to succeed in scientific and related research areas.

Taste Fame and Recognition

KVPY qualified students also receive fame and recognition. In the education sector, such fame is worth for further collaborations and learning opportunities, especially in the field of Basic Sciences or Engineering. These fields are by default, some of the most powerful, scientific and technological research fields.
Special Research Camps

Lastly, KVPY qualified scholars also benefit by being invited to participate in special summer camps. The camps are often an elite meeting of the best talented geniuses such as researchers and scientists of diverse research expertise. Many of these camps are held in famous research institutes and that raises the bar for KVPY scholars.

Notifications regarding KVPY 2018 is expected to be out by July 2018. The exam is scheduled to be held in will November 2018. Consider the potential gains, start the preparations early and give it exam your best shot.

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4 Essential real estate agent tools to improve productivity

Tools are deployed in our daily activities to make the human job easier either hardware or software. No more physical hard-work is required by human creatures to complete the task rather we need an intellectual mind to pick the right tool for the right job in any field.

Technology is revolutionizing every field to make the process easier and faster and real estate is not counted out.

Real estate is an exception which allows an unknown third person to sell the property and get the commission cut. A lot of opportunities for individuals to earn huge from a single transaction.

It’s not only in primary sale, real estate agents participation is more in a secondary and rental transaction where the supply and demand are in harmony.

A lot of individuals are doing this business as a freelancer and making a good fortune but there are few agents who do this business with office setup and telesales team, completely professional.

This article “Essential real estate agent tools” is applicable to individual or a team.

Being in real estate industry for more than three years I found many successful real estate agents using marketing tools to make the process easier and efficient and they are very successful.

Enough Said…….

Let’s dive into the topic 4 Essential Real Estate Agent Tools

1.Demand Finder

It’s not only in real estate in any business if you pool your investment without primary research it will end up in the capital lock.

Real estate agent business is more of marketing business than manufacturing segment. Here an agent won’t build a property but acts as a channel partner and help the builder in selling the property. He works on commission basis.

Since he is working on commission basis he won’t get any capital support from the respective builder to start the marketing campaign.

He needs to invest from his own pocket, the risk involved is high. So before signing up with any builder a real estate agent should study the demand and supply of the market.

Property articles or locality reviews in dailies will help to a certain extent but won’t give you a live or very recent demand in the locality.

Magicbricks Demand Heatmap

In India builders, real estate agents or investors can study the locality demand on Magicbricks.

real estate agent tools
Magicbricks Demand Heat Map

For example:

If I want to know the property( sale/ rental) demand in Andheri, just go to Magicbricks select Buy/Rent and make a search for Andheri.

You will end up seeing the properties listed out in magicbricks, this search result shows you the supply in the locality Andheri, but how do you find the demand in the locality.

Simple, In the desktop version on the right side you will find the map view, just click the map view, your screen will change accordingly then under Heat Map select Demand.

A demand heat map will be displayed based on the demand in the Andheri and nearby locality.

This data will really help you to find the right locality to invest in. Based on the demand number you can allocate the marketing spend.

This is an important real estate agent tool to forecast the market demand.

2.Project Finder

It’s the second most important tool for real estate agent.

Once the demand in a locality is identified he needs to approach the projects in the particular locality to tie up with builders.

Again with the help of online portals you can easily identify the best projects.

Login to magicbricks or 99acres you will find many numbers of projects with contact details simply contact them.

Things to be considered before you choose the project

1.Visit the project in person and understand the neighborhood there are a lot of unsold stocks available in the market because of the neighborhood and amenities.

If you invest in those properties you cannot get a return.

2.Make sure the builder is quoting the locality price.

If the price per sqft is much higher than the locality average price then it will be near impossible to sell a single unit.

I know a promoter personally who spent lakhs in marketing a project with higher per sqft rate and ended up in the loss and still the project is unsold.

3.Make sure both you and builder are not promoting the same project in the same medium.

For example: if you both are advertising the project in online portals you both may end up in getting the same lead and the confusion prevails.

If you are an agent from Chennai you can list out your business on – A Chennai based one-stop solution for product or services need. Here individual owner of the property or builders can post their requirements to find the agents.

3.Real estate agent tools for advertising

A potential property buyer will never take a bike and roam street by street to find where the construction is happening to find a right property.

Technology enabled real estate buyers to choose the property of their choice from the comfort of home.

There are a lot of ways to advertise your property but only a few ways are found lucrative with high ROI.

For example:

A traditional way of keeping hoardings in streets will only help the renowned developers to generate leads, not for unpopular developers. A buyer won’t roam in the street to find the banners.

Giving advertisement in a newspaper is one of the potential outbound ways to generate quality leads but the cost of advertisement is comparatively higher than the online marketing.

In papers, if you spend few thousands for one day you will end up in ten to twenty calls but if you spend only thousand per day in online you will get hundreds of leads.

When it comes to online targeted advertisement its wise for agents to choose the leading online portals like Magicbricks rather than approaching independent digital marketing agencies.

4.Lead Nurturing tools for real estate agents

Lead nurturing is as equally important as lead generation.

The job of your sales team actually begins when they start nurturing the leads.

Leads can be generated from online portals or through any outbound methods but if you don’t put a right individual or team to follow the cases then all your marketing expenditures go waste.

There are many lead management tools for agents to manage their leads like Magicbrick’s SmartDiary, a mobile CRM which capture the leads from magicbricks and help you to follow it up in an effective way.

You can use ZOHO CRM to capture and nurture the leads up to 10 users it is completely free for small-scale businesses.

You can use ZOHO CRM to store the customer details, integrate with Twitter, Facebook or with other online portals to capture the lead directly to CRM and from there you can assign the lead to the individual.

From a single dashboard, you can follow the activities happening in any of your sales team accounts.

Do you want to suggest any tools? Comment down below.

How to start a real estate business with no money?

Everyone who reached the age of understanding the purpose of money is trying to acquire the maximum possible in one or many ways.

Many have a desire to make huge money but only a few have a desire and action plans to achieve it. There are N number of ways you can make money based on your input you are going to get the output.

Real estate is one of the few sectors where money involved is high and the business that happens in and around the real estate is also comparatively higher.

Every business needs a minimum capital to take off the ground it includes real estate business also. But in this digital era, a subset of real estate can be kicked off without capital.

Being in real estate industry for more than three years and in online real estate advertisement for more than a year I have seen people utilizing the online medium to start a real estate business with no money and making a good fortune out of it.

Here I am going to explain you the simple step by step procedure to start a real estate business with no money.

A business is called business when it makes money either through selling a product or service and real estate is not an exception.

Unlike other business real estate sale is open to any individuals to participate and sell the product, it’s a win-win game.

If you sell a property you get a commission and a developer gets a business. Affiliate with developers as channel partner start building wealth.

But how to start this real estate business with no money.



It is assumed you have a device (mobile/laptop) with an internet connection and a little knowledge to operate the same.

Step 1: Find a developer

You need to sign a contract with developers to advertise and sell their properties.

But where to find the real developers? Are you going to roam street by street? Need not.

It’s simple to choose a real estate developers from the comfort of your home through online portals.

Go to online portals, search for developers, get their contact number and approach them.

Most developers will sign for a maximum of 2% commission in budget segment and 1% cut in luxury class.

Step 2: Advertise your product

Once you signed the contract with the developer collect the necessary project details to advertise.

Without advertisement you cannot bring footfalls to the site but how to do advertisement without money.

In traditional outbound marketing you cannot do advertisement without money and even getting a credit is also cumbersome as you are new to the market.

So here we need to go for on online real estate advertisement portals.

There are many real estate portals offering the first time users one free listing which you can utilize to advertise your property.

Find all the portals in your country offering free listings and start posting it. Wait for few days. If you get responses then it’s great else create another account using different email id or mobile number and start posting it.

You will get the leads for sure.

In India Magicbricks, 99acres, Indiaproperty, and Housing are providing free listings for first time user.

To start a real estate business with no money in the US you can make use of free resources from craigslist, Zillow and Backpage.

Step 3: Nurture the leads

Once the lead is received you need to speak and convince them to visit the site.

The one common complaint all the end buyers predominantly report is agents give false information in order to sell the property. So do not exaggerate anything be prompt and take them through the project as it is.

After a site visit, most prospects won’t pick the call or they will give the token amount immediately either of this can happen.

If they book immediately then it’s great else be patient give them enough breathing time and follow them to close it down.

To manage your leads you can use agent CRM tools like Magicbricks smart Diary (Available for free in app stores)

Step 4: Close the deal and get the cut

Most dealers won’t involve in registration their core job is to connect the buyers with developers and take their cut.

You will be paid after formal registration of the property.

Step 5: Repeat the process

You can either repeat the entire process or invest a small amount for an advertisement from your previous business.

Buy more listings from leading online portals, contact more developers, list out many properties and you are on.

In developing countries like India, 75% of property buyers are going through online search before they finalize their property. There is a huge potential for agents/dealers to make the best out of it.

This is how you can start a real estate business with no money. I have seen many It employees from TCS, IBM are doing this as a freelance. If you want the proof just comment down. publish useful and interesting topics in sales and marketing for you follow us on Facebook and if you feel this is really useful share it in Digg.


Essentials You Need to Know Before Your Next Car Service

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Servicing your car can be an expensive endeavour and the last thing you want is a stacking bill during your next visit to the mechanic. A regular check-up of your car is necessary to ensure that it is safe to drive and is performing as efficiently as possible.

Like Frank Martin from “The Transporter” fame says, “The way a man treats his car is how he treats himself.”  But living up to this quote can be a problem for some people who don’t know much about their car or the type of maintenance required for it.

There, however, are some points you can ensure to mitigate potential high costs of repairs which will be talked about in this post. Let’s look at some of these points:

1.Consider regular servicing:
Leaving your car without servicing can be a potentially harmful in the long run. When you are struggling with your finances or just short of money, then it seems tempting to just skip the servicing until some other date. While this may seem okay now but you risk bigger bills in the future on your car.

The cost of a normal car service is far less than having to replace car parts later whilst you are on your way to something. Did you know, simply replacing your car radiator can set you back by almost €430 or a cylinder head gasket which can cost like €530? That’s like an awful lot of money for replacing simple parts right? If you don’t use your car very often or don’t drive long distances then an annual check-up will more than suffice but if you are clocking your miles quickly then it’s better to get your car serviced on regular intervals.

Consider servicing your car every 6 months or every 5500 miles. Looking for a destination for your next road trip or searching international destinations, then be sure to look for Holiday deals @ Kwik Fit.

2.Learn basic maintenance tips:
Learning some simple fixes and maintenance tips will always come handy and at best, will help you save a significant amount of money. This will also prevent you from doing any major or costly fixtures down the line.

You don’t really need to be a genius of some kind to keep your car in a decent shape. If you are going for basic maintenance, youtube videos are more than handy at these times to help you out. Learn some basic fixes like oil levels, tire pressures, checking and changing air filters etc.

These things don’t take up too much of your time and can be done by anyone with a little knowledge. Also be on the lookout for your tires and check them every couple of weeks.

If they have been dangerously worn out or have a tread depth of less than 1.6mm then get them changed as soon as possible. Keeping your tires this way can get you a fine of up to €1500 and three penalty points for every tire that you keep below the required standard. Not to forget, going out with a worn out tire will further levy extra replacement costs.

3.Do some research:
Doing some pre-emptive research does you no harm. Many people make the same mistake of sticking to their old service center for eons. Just because your friends have used this service center or your parents for that matter have used them doesn’t make the place competent or trustworthy.

If you feel dissatisfied with your current service center, then go the extra mile and research for yourself. Check out reviews of the place to ensure that you get a fair value for your money and a high standard of servicing for your car. The average rate for franchised today is somewhere around €90 pounds whereas, for local independent garages, this rate stands at around €63 pounds.

Considering both points, it is better to stick with your car’s franchise as these are the people who will have a better understanding of the problems of your car and how to effectively solve them.

4.Pay special attention to your dashboard messages:
Nowadays, most cars come with standard dashboards which give out warning messages on a wide range of topics ranging from engine oil and coolant levels, tire pressure levels, issues with braking systems etc.

Your owner’s manual also can dole out a wide variety of information regarding your car and what each of this dashboard could mean and what is it that you need to do to ensure a smooth functioning of your car.

Pay special heed to such warnings and messages as these could help you save potential costs and hefty repairs.

So there we have the 4 need to know essentials that you should pay heed to before your next car service. Happy and safe driving.

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4 luxury real estate marketing ideas

Luxury real estate marketing is the most challenging segment for real estate marketers to take their product to the right individual.

Like budget segment you know who your potential customer for the project is but unlike budget segment, it is not easy to reach them.

Why is this segment audience so difficult to reach?

For example, a builder promoting a flat in the price bracket of 50lakhs to one crore can easily advertise his property in online portals like Magicbricks and 99acres or through hoardings and many ways are there.

He knows his potential customers are working class segment who all affords to pay the loan. This corporate working class segment will easily share their numbers and they don’t worry about getting promotional calls.

But when the same builder promotes a property worth 5cr-10cr he knows the potential buyers are top corporate executives and entrepreneurs who don’t need a loan to purchase this property.

The main challenge with this people is they don’t share their contact number easily.

The reason behind why they don’t share their number is, we can do a lot of business with the number.

Just imagine you can call him for insurance, you can call him to sell a luxury car, you can call him to become a club member and we can sell many things.

In my experience, I have witnessed proprietors of 5crore turnover business is also hesitating to disclose his contact number to the outside world then think of 500 or 1000crore turnover people.

Then when do they share their contact?

They will share their contact when your offering matches their requirements.

In a luxury real estate marketing, builders instead waiting for buyers to contact they need to make sure their number reaches potential people.

So in luxury real estate marketing, an outbound kind of marketing ideas are much appreciated. Here outbound means not hoardings and pamphlets but the selective medium like print and television.

Being in this industry for few years I found some mechanism that works well for luxury real estate marketing.

If you have any contradictions please comment down below.

1.Selective print medium for luxury real estate marketing

In metro cities at peak traffic, you might have noticed one common thing top executives are doing inside their car.


Yes, they read a newspaper that too specifically business articles in detail.

When it comes to an advertisement on newspaper common real estate marketers promote their product in property segments like property plus or Times properties but in luxury real estate marketing you need to promote your property in the business article page.

The core concept of any advertisement is to cover maximum eyeballs. If your audience eyeballs are reading business pages then you should obviously promote your property on the page.

You have two options in print medium either promote it in a regular business segment or promote it in exclusive business papers like Economic Times and Business Line.

Though the cost of advertising is higher the visibility and advantages are also equally in higher side.

If you have a big pocket you can choose front full-page advertisement for higher visibility.

In this way, you can take your contact number to buyers.

Read: Best real estate portals to list out your properties in India

2.Buy verified leads 

You might have come across the database packages small-scale builders buy and do tele-calling where the rate of conversion is very very low.Out of 100 calls, they might end up in one site visit.

Most of these leads are collected in trade fairs where 90% are window shoppers. It is collected in such a way that to enter the event hall it is mandatory to leave their contact number and email address.

But the lead I am suggesting to buy for luxury real estate marketing is verified and high quality one where the rate of conversion is high and closing time is also minimal.

Where to buy?

There are few online reputed portals like magicbricks where these people post their requirements along with contact details.

But to access these contact details builders need to subscribe to a package of verified leads (different names in different portals).It works on a credit basis in some portals.

For example you can buy 50 credits for one month. Whenever you contact the builder either through SMS or email a credit from your subscription will be deducted.

luxury real estate marketing
This how verified leads work

All the reputed portals have access to this details with the concern of buyers.

3.First in industry experience centers

It is the first time in an industry that magicbricks introduced a real-time experience center to display your luxury property to high net worth income people.

An innovative artificial intelligence solution targeted exclusively HNIs put up in an airport and high-end malls where top executives walk in and spend ample time viewing your property.

For example, an experience center in Bangalore targeted purely business people traveling across the cities where they can spend enough time with your property after checking in.

Like Magicbricks experience center there are many property displayers across the country but only a few are targeting luxury class and magicbricks experience center is the one.

To know more about experience center please go through this video.

This experience center is not the one-stop solution for luxury real estate marketing but it is one of the solutions without a doubt.

These are the three high ROI luxury real estate marketing ideas to my knowledge if you any please comment down we will add it up.

4.Remarketing is one of the best ways to do luxury real estate marketing.

Hope you have the basic understanding of remarketing concept. If not

What is remarketing: For example, you are logging into Amazon and viewing a product to buy but in between, you are dropping the idea of buying now because of any reason and closing the amazon window.

The moment you viewed the product, Amazon dropped a cookie in your system and wherever you go outside amazon that particular product banner will start following for a specific duration.

Amazon retargets their leads to convert them into customers.

You can find such kind of remarketing from all the established e-commerce portals.

The same concept can be applied to luxury real estate marketing also.

There are two ways you can do remarketing in real estate.

Option A: Google remarketing

To do Google remarketing you need to bring the audience to your website and from then your ad starts following them.

But the challenge here is how you bring potential buyers to your website which talks only about your projects.

There is no any strong reason why a buyer has to search your site and land on.

You are not creating a value or a reason to visit your site.

So implementing Google remarketing is not advisable.

Option B: Magicbricks iFollow – A remarketing tool for real estate

Magicbricks remarketing tool is an innovative concept which is designed in such a way to tap your competitor’s leads and locality-based potential buyers.

Magicbricks is affiliated with 500+ high traffic websites where your ads will keep following them.

How does Magicbricks iFollow work?

For example, You have property worth 10cr in Thane and you want to target people who are all interested in that budget.

So once you activated magicbricks iFollow, whenever buyers go to magicbricks and view your competitor’s projects in that budget range and locality, your ad will start following them.

Buyers will see your banner on 500+ sites like Facebook, Economic Times, The Hindu, IRCTC, Times of India, Tinder and many.

This will keep your property on top of mind of the potential buyers.

Magicbricks iFollow is really an excellent product for luxury real estate marketing.

It comes with two variants either you target your competitor’s projects or locality based.

When you activate locality based iFollow buyers looking for projects in your project’s locality will start seeing your ad. publish useful and interesting topics in sales and marketing for you follow us on Facebook and if you feel this is really useful share it in Digg.